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Sousa said the financial accountability officer wouldn have been involved in that situation. However, the new watchdog could review all bills that have a financial impact and outline the consequences before they become law, he added.

PC Leader Tim Hudak said he fired Peter Shurman as the party finance critic after the Thornhill MPP refused to pay back $20,719 he received for his Toronto apartment last year after moving to Niagara on the Lake.

Let me see if I can explain this to you, and I try to use small words. E health was introduced by MIKE HARRIS, so the Conseratives trying to blame the Liberals for that one alone is a bit rich. Yes, the gas plants were cancelled by McGuinty, but guess who promised to cancel them if he was elected: Tim Hudak. Why is it that if McGuinty cancels them, its an outrage, but Hudak promises to do it, and its fine? Its called hypocrisy, seeing Hudak bitch and moan about the cost of the gas plants, when he would have cost the tax payers the exact same amounts had he been elected. That my point, the Conservatives complaining about the costs of something they themselves planned on doing. And if they think they can actually eliminate the deficit by cutting taxes, they (and you apparently) need their heads examined.

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Most questions about the new watchdog centred around the Liberals decisions to cancel the two gas plants, which cost at least $585 million.

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Wynne insisted she doesn want a fall election, but warned she doesn want another session like last spring where the only bill that passed was the provincial budget.

TORONTO Premier Kathleen Wynne sent a clear message to the NDP and the Tories Monday, warning that she is not going to put Nike Cortez Nylon Retro

said no. I made my decision, and he no longer finance critic. Conservatives have been losing voter base just the same. This will put the NDP Nike Cortez Nylon Red White

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Contempt motion fails

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wanted to say to him face to face you have to pay these expenses back, Hudak told reporters.

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´╗┐Wynne threatens fall election if opposition doesn

up with procedural wrangling that stalls the business of the house and will call an election if push comes to shove.

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Tory house leader Jim Wilson isn buying it, suggesting Wynne will call an election this fall to get her own mandate from voters and blame it on the Opposition.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says her party will make sure the Liberals keep their promises this fall, such as cutting auto insurance rates by 15 per cent and banning young people from using tanning beds.

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Shurman may have followed the rules, but the PC finance critic must be held to a higher standard if he is to hold the government to account, added Hudak.

no time, in any discussion I might have had after delivering my September 13 ruling, was I the recipient of any inappropriate overture or suggestion, Levac told the legislature.

practical reality is that if the house cannot function, and if we can see a way forward, then the Opposition will have to explain to the people of Ontario why they think a general election is the better option, she said.

have not been pressured, intimidated, cajoled, warned or threatened in any way. Nor was any influence exerted upon me to do so or say any particular thing or to pursue any particular course of action. ruling means the legislature won grind to a halt again to debate the contempt motion, as it did last fall before Dalton McGuinty resigned as premier and prorogued the house for four months.

in a powerful position. I all for it, mind you a liberal/ndp coalition is better than a conservative government any day. People quickly forget about how conservative provincial governemtns of times passed have handicapped our infrastructure and allowed large companies such as INsurance companies milk working class Canadians for every dollar they have. I much prefer my money goes to tax dollars than in the pockets of private companies.

just want people to know that there not an indefinite option to continue to Black Nike Cortez Mens wrangle on every single piece of legislation. premier has asked for meetings with Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to see what bills, if any, they can agree to pass this fall, such as the non controversial local food act.

staff to influence the Speaker about last year preliminary finding of contempt against the government over cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

Earlier Monday, Speaker Dave Levac dismissed a second Tory contempt motion filed over what they said were attempts by Liberal Nike Cortez Suede Amazon

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All three parties were also talking Monday about quickly changing the rules for the accommodation allowance for members of the legislature who live more than 50 kilometres from Queen Park.

want to be clear with people that I going to meet with the leaders of the opposition and I going to suggest to them that there some things we can work together on, said Wynne.

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