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The WHSAA board of directors approved Laird's one month retirement for the month of July and rehired him as commissioner effective Aug. 1, with a minimum annual salary of $100,000. And because he retired for 30 days and was rehired under the state retirement system's rehired retiree policy, Laird will also draw estimated retirement benefits of $74,000 per year.

"That's how the board feels with Ron he's a very strong asset for us as the director for the [WHSAA]," Hocker said. "So when he talked to us about retirement . we could've chosen not to rehire him and he could have chosen to Blue Nike Cortez Tumblr then seek employment [elsewhere]. We'd be still paying that new salary for a new director anyway.

As the retire rehire program allows school districts to retain good teachers, Hocker said, the program has allowed the WHSAA to retain its commissioner.

For the WHSAA, Hocker said the biggest benefit is the fact the organization can budget forward with a set commissioner's salary, and subsequently turn additional revenue back into the schools and minimize cost increases, like membership fees.

The rehired retiree policy of the Wyoming Retirement System's Public Employee Pension Plan allows for a retired employee to be rehired after a 30 day break in service. Upon being rehired by a WRS participating member, the employer is then responsible for a portion of the rehired employee's salary.

$175,000 per year for a job that should be done by a volunteer. That $175,000 is money coming directly out of our schools and the budget set aside for our children. SHAME ON YOU LAIRD and the board that rubber stamped this immoral and greedy behaivor.

WRS officials didn't provide exact figure of rehired retirees out of the approximate 21,000 members drawing retirement benefits who are employed throughout the state, and officials admitted it's currently a Cortez Nike Vintage

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Given Laird's age and service, the Public Employees' Pension System Estimate calculator estimated a monthly benefit of approximately $6,200, or about $74,400 per year. The WHSAA contribution 14.12 percent of $100,000 would equal $14,120 for each year Laird remains as commissioner. The average benefit to retirees in 2011 was $16,400 annually, per the WRS.

Wyoming High School Activities Association views commissioner's retirement as 'win

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Laird retired effective June 30. The WHSAA board of directors approved the move in April, during an executive session (for which Laird was not present) at its final board meeting of the 2011 12 academic school year. The board had earlier approved a one year extension of Laird's contract during the finance and personnel portion of its April 24 meeting. WHSAA associate commissioner Trevor Wilson served as interim commissioner for the month of July.

"I think the benefit, too, is knowing that I don't think we would do that for a director that we don't have confidence in."

The WHSAA was one of 164 agencies categorized under the special districts section of affiliated employers for 2011. Other quasi government and employee groups included the Wyoming Public Employees Association, the Wyoming State Bar, various airports and county fair boards around the state. School district employees (17,622 active members) and state government employees (8,001 active members) constituted the bulk of the 36,000 active participants in the state's largest pension system in 2011.

I'll call it like it is. This is a horrible abuse of the system. Horrible. I frankly wouldn't want this man and his immoral values anywhere near my children. Why in the world would the WHSAA Board support this? The reporter either doesn't understand what is occurring, or is falling for Laird's smoke and mirrors talking points about a "win win win". The only "winner" is a "public servant" who is now being paid over Nike Cortez Leather White / Red / Blue

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2004. Hocker said Laird's fixed annual salary moving forward was in the range of $100,000 $120,000.

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"In this case, the [WHSAA] is continuing to make contributions" to the state pension plan, Hocker said in late July. "So it's a triple win, which oftentimes doesn't happen. So that's why we support it."

difficult statistic to track (a pension administration system upgrade is planned within the next year). But as long as the employer abides by the plan's provisions the 30 day break in service and the employer paying a set percentage contribution to the pension plan the rehiring retirees is accepted.

Laird, who will turn 57 in September, is beginning his ninth year as the WHSAA commissioner and was a teacher, coach and administrator in Powell for 26 years prior to being named the head man for the WHSAA in Nike Cortez Obsidian White

"I plan on continuing forward and . doing a good job," Laird said on Thursday. He deferred to the board's decision on the retire rehire option and added he "thought the timing was right" to draw his retirement benefits.

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Hocker, in addition to being the superintendent of Big Horn School District 1, also chairs the WHSAA finance and personnel committee. He said Laird came to the WHSAA board contemplating retirement and the board pursued the state's retire rehire program as the best avenue to retain Laird as commissioner. Hocker called the situation a "win win win for all three parties involved" because the WHSAA was able to lock in a set salary for the commissioner, for as long as Laird remains, and will still contribute to the state retirement system.

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The WHSAA, as required by state law, will pay the 14.12 percent contribution of Laird's salary to the WRS pension plan.

Laird, who said he's been eligible for retirement for the previous three to four years under the state's "Rule of 85" (age plus years of service), cited personal reasons in July for the brief retirement. But he has no set timetable for a full time retirement.

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"This is a good opportunity for us to lock in our expenses on our director for the next 'X' amount of years," Hocker said.

Laird said on Thursday, just a little more than week since he returned to work, that he was grateful for the opportunity to continue with the WHSAA. As commissioner, Laird was instrumental in brokering the agreement with the University of Wyoming to host the state high school football championships at War Memorial Stadium, and the WHSAA broke ground in May on a new 7,000 square foot building on the city's east side.

After a brief retirement, the Wyoming High School Activities Association rehired commissioner Ron Laird at a fixed, six figure salary.

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