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Mike Vorel, Star Tribune

A highlight of their stay is the burnout competition, when motorcyclists spin their back wheels until they pop, resulting in pools of smoke and hearty cheers.

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In southeastern Wyoming and Colorado, the beetle has left behind stands of destroyed forest across an area of 4.5 million acres. The only silver lining is that the state has found commercial uses for the leftover timber.

Visitors to Atlantic City, which sits just a few miles from the South Pass City Historic Site, are treated to an authentic look and feel of the Old West. The town still hosts summer festivals celebrating its gold mining past, and Nike Mens Classic Cortez Vintage Anthracite Gold

The park extends into Wyoming and Montana, and its27 miles of hiking trails take a Cortez Nike Blue visitor through prairie, forest, high desert and wetlands. Camping, fishing and boating opportunities also abound.

Wyoming in 100 objects

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When the rally roars into town, Sundance transforms into the state's largest and rowdiest city.

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those interested in exploring the town can stay at Miner's Delight Inn Bed Breakfast and dine at the historic Atlantic City Mercantile.

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Row, a nod to early settlers. It was built by homesteader Thomas Alma Moulton in the early 1900s.

pine beetle measures just 5 millimeters in length. But with drought and scorching summers punishing trees, conditions were ripe for beetle infestation.

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The peaks of the Teton Range are considered an iconic of western Wyoming. Perhaps even more iconic is the rustic barn that is often photographed with the Tetons in the background.

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But this 120,000 acre park near Lovell is no less spectacular. Bighorn Canyon stretches for 55 winding miles, and the cliffs over Bighorn Lake loom as high as 1,000 feet.

The town of slightly more than 1,100 people has been a stop on the Sturgis motorcycle rally route for more than 30 years. For a few hot summer days, the small Wyoming town hosts more than 400,000 enthusiastic bikers.

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The barn's ownership passed from the Moulton family to the National Park Service years ago. The park had planned on letting nature take back the barn, but its popularity has led to a change of heart. Current plans are to stabilize and eventually restore the structure.

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Penney's in Kemmerer. Penney mother store, with its 1929 mirrors and dressing rooms. Penney purchased one third of A Golden Rule in 1902. Penney in 1913. Penney has more than 1,000 stores nationwide.

The Moulton Barn sits in what is known as Mormon Nike Cortez Premium Rainbow

Cortez Nike Blue

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Cortez Nike Blue

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