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He said the wording on the cut leafy greens rule comes from the federal Food and Drug Administration's food code.

CHEYENNE The debate over proposed Wyoming food safety rules centers on opinions about what constitutes food safety.

Grant said people can still sign and date eggs and sell them at a farmers market if the rule change is adopted.

Wallis said someone who owns a flock of 50 chickens couldn't afford to invest money in the equipment needed to clean, candle and grade eggs for sale.

The department, she said, is trying to perpetuate a rule that would allow only the sole owner of a cow to use the raw milk.

Wallis said she is a cow share owner because she wants fresh milk and she can't have a cow in her town.

Wallis claims the proposed rules represent major change.

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If the rule change is adopted, farmers will have to invest in a certified kitchen, with equipment to meet department requirements for cleaning the greens.

"What we're trying to do is make it easier to sell products Cortez Shoes Original in the state of Wyoming," Grant said. "I think there's a lot of misinformation out there about what's being changed in the rules."

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Cortez Shoes Original

Wallis said there is no law or regulation that even mentions cow shares.

Kari Gray is Gov. Matt Mead's chief of staff. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Nike Cortez Basic Black

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"The sale of raw milk is still not legal in the state Nike Cortez Qs 1972

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Wyoming group contests raw food rules change

Grant said the proposal is intended to clarify rules already on the books.

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A major sore point involves raw milk.

Grant said the practice of cow sharing, or multiple people paying to get raw milk from a single cow, has been illegal in Wyoming for decades.

Grant said the rule is designed to open opportunities for people who raise chickens so they can obtain licenses to sell their eggs to restaurants.

The problem is, according to Wyoming Department of Agriculture spokesman Derek Grant, unregulated processing of locally produced products, such as chopped lettuce or cantaloupe, increases the chances of contamination.

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She said about 700 people have signed a petition urging the department to hold a public hearing on the rule changes.

Wallis said farmers in Jackson Hole have been selling bagged greens to local restaurants at the restaurants' request.

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What's getting people upset, Grant said, is the word "solely" in the new rule to clarify that only the sole owner of a cow can serve raw milk to people in the household, employees and guests.

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Wallis also took issue with a proposed rule Nike Cortez Ultra Breathe Men's

One proposed rule allows farmers to sell leafy greens at a farmers market, for example, as long as they are not in a bag. If the greens are cut and placed in a bag, they are considered cut leafy greens and producers must meet sanitation requirements and obtain a license to sell them.

banning the sale of local, ungraded eggs.

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of Wyoming," Grant said.

"People in Wyoming are concerned with food safety," state Rep. Sue Wallis, R Recluse said. "Many want to buy locally."

Wallis said so called food freedom supporters are independent minded and don't want the government "to decide what we can eat or who we can buy it from."

If the state adopts the sole owner rule, it will be taking away her property right, Wallis said.

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