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The approval of the volleyball proposal seemingly had a domino effect on the other proposals, although not without some controversy.

The 2013 14 state Nordic ski championships, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 28 March 1, 2014, was changed to Feb. 21 22, 2014, so as not to conflict with the junior national races in Vermont on March 3. The 2014 15 football conferences are now set, with six significant changes: Moorcroft and Tongue River will move from the 2A East to the 1A/11 man East, Thermopolis (2A West) will play in the 2A East, Saratoga and Wyoming Indian will move from the 1A/6 man East to the 1A/11 man West, and Rock River will field a varsity team in the 1A/6 man East.

A proposal to limit each basketball team to play in no more than 18 games, as opposed to the current 20, brought the most heated discussion.

Later, a proposal to push the start of the wrestling season back one week passed by a 12 3 margin.

After a lengthy discussion, a proposal to begin the basketball season two weeks later than usual passed by a 9 6 margin.

Randy Roden, the Kelly Walsh boys' basketball coach, applauded the board's decision.

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Don't ever let it be said that the Wyoming High School Activities Association board of directors is averse to change.

depending on what classification you're in and what side of the state you're on."

BIG DECISIONS: The board passed proposals to extend the volleyball and soccer seasons, to begin the basketball and wrestling seasons after Thanksgiving and to limit each basketball team to play in no more than 18 basketball games.

A proposal to extend the soccer season by one week received near unanimous support. The proposal ensures that, beginning in 2015, the state culminating events for soccer and track and field will not fall on the same weekend.

"I was not necessarily surprised with the volleyball [decision] because I knew that one had potential to pass," he said. "But I really didn't know where the basketball and wrestling [proposals] would go. I knew that would have the most discussion and there were good points on both sides. And that was apparent in the vote."

"Out of all of [the proposals that passed], that one probably surprised me the most," Laird said. "Traditionally, when a vote is close like that, [the board] falls back to the way things were. But I think there were a lot of good points made as to why we wanted to look at it."

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

"This is a way for us to separate track and soccer state events," board member Tom Wilson of Green River said. "And it gives us more volunteers available to work both events."

Wyoming High School Activities Association makes changes to sports seasons

"This [meeting] probably involved the most sports with the decisions that were made [Tuesday]," WHSAA commissioner Ron Laird said. "There were pluses and minuses on both sides, Nike Cortez Epic

The board, at its first board of directors meeting of the academic year Tuesday, made significant changes to the volleyball, basketball, wrestling Nike Cortez Blue Floral

"I think [the decision] will keep kids in school more, and that's a good thing," he said. "Besides, with tournaments, and regionals and state, there's still the potential for a team to play as many as 28 games."

so I'm all for letting them spend Thanksgiving with their family."

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

At the end of the four hour meeting, Laird said he was impressed Gorge Green Nike Cortez with the discussion points made by board members.

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

"I think this is a positive step for the kids, the coaches and their families," Roden said. "We ask so much of these kids and the coaches to begin with that I think it takes a toll on the families. The kids that are in winter sports have always missed the major holidays, Nike Classic Cortez Sp

TUESDAY: The Wyoming High School Activities Association board of directors held its first meeting of the academic year.

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

The board unanimously approved the proposal to extend the volleyball season by one week. The reasoning behind the decision was that the added week would give schools an extra weekend to play conference games rather than having to play games during the school week.

That means that beginning with the 2014 15 season, both basketball and wrestling will begin after Thanksgiving.

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

In the end, though, the board passed the proposal on a vote of 9 6. Earlier, the proposal had been defeated at all four district meetings.

and soccer seasons.

"The lost school time is something that we do address," he said. "I know some people don't think we look at that, but that's not the case."

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

Gorge Green Nike Cortez

Board members also cited fewer games during the week would mean fewer missed school days for athletes. Laird believed that factor proved to be a major selling point in passing the proposals.

"This is a big decision," board member Tim Winland of Rocky Mountain said. "This vote could possibly change the landscape. This is a milestone."

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