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Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

The agency has proposed a rule that would allow new a coal plants to emit 1,100 pounds of carbon per megawatt hour, or basically what an efficient natural gas plant emits, utility executives say. Coal plants today emit nearly double that.

The plant cost$5.2 billion to build. By contrast, the new natural gas fired power plant being built by Black Hills Corp. outside Cheyenne will cost$220 million. The 132 megawatt Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station, as the facility is known, is scheduled to go online in October. At $220 million, a power company could build 23 Cheyenne Prairies before it reached Kemper's price.

EPA is pursuing an "all of the above" energy strategy, McCarthy said, while trying "to reduce carbon in a way that doesn't threaten energy reliability, that doesn't have a significant impact on price, that allows every fuel to continue to be burned and utilized."When people talk about the future of coal, the conversation invariably drifts to a new power plant in Mississippi. The 582 megawatt Kemper County power plant will burn coal and is expected to begin operations this year.

Kemper is a case in point. Blue Nike Cortez Shoes

"I do think there is a war on coal," Mead said. "I think it's partially a failure to appreciate that 40 percent of the electricity in this country comes from coal and that Wyoming has low sulfur coal. We produce it in a way that is environmentally friendly and worker safety friendly."

He has a point. In 2013, Wyoming Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers supplied 40 percent of the country's coal, more than any other state. Nearly 90 percent of Wyoming's supply comes from the Powder River Basin around Gillette. Coal is the region's biggest export, but it is hardly the only one. The area also boasts rich reserves of oil, natural gas and uranium. If Gillette is not the "Energy Capital of the Nation," as a sign greeting visitors to town proclaims, it certainly can make a case for the distinction.

The plant is considered the front line in clean coal technology. It will remove two thirds of its carbon emissions by pumping the pollution underground and shipping it off via pipeline to oil fields in Louisiana and Texas, where the carbon dioxide will be used in enhanced oil recovery.

"It's really actually clean," explained Silver's classmate Tanner Luthy. "There are so many filters on it. By the time any of the harmful, or what could be harmful gases, reach the atmosphere they are so little or so diluted it doesn't even matter."

Its mining firms employed 6,400 people as of February and indirectly employed others working in sectors that serve the mines.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

In a May news conference, Gov. Matt Mead declared coal's troubles a "concern," saying he worried the industry's woes could negatively affect the state's budget.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

"We learned about this in biology," said Logan Halbrook, a junior who hopes to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. "It's happened before."In June, President Barack Obama is expected to announce new limits for carbon emissions on existing coal fired power plants. The president's critics believe such regulations represent a war on coal, an attempt by the administration to drive coal from the energy Nike Cortez Grey Mens

Wyoming's future is at stake in the debate on coal

Industry types have a name for this sort of thing. They call it carbon capture technology, and it is viewed as a crucial step in coal's attempts to reduce the industry's output of harmful emissions. It is also critical if new coal power plants are going to meet EPA regulations.

The governor has involved Wyoming in a dozen lawsuits against the EPA during his tenure, many concerning air pollution at coal fired power plants.

GILLETTE There is little doubt among the students in Brandon Cone's engineering class at Campbell County High School that a war is being waged against coal. The children of the mechanics who fix the mines' great diesel trucks, the welders who staff their machine shops and the railroad employees who see the final product shipped across the country and beyond have obvious pride in the local industry.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

And of the four major mining companies operating in the Powder River Basin, only Cloud Peak Energy recorded a profit last year. Even in that case, the positive news was muted. The company reported a net income of about $52 million in 2013, down from nearly $174 million the year prior.

Either way, this much is true: Wyoming's future is at stake in the debate.

"There is no existing coal based technology, not gasification, that achieves that without carbon sequestration and capture," said Mike Eggl, senior vice president of communications and administration at Basin Electric. "The combination of those two things is very expensive."

exists, is a natural process, they say.

"We power a lot of the country just from Gillette," said Corey Silver, a junior whose father works at the Cordero Rojo mine, a comment widely echoed by his peers.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

Requiring Kemper like technology means "coal is being taken off the playing field as a fuel source of the future," Eggl said.

And climate change, to the extent it Nike Cortez Ultra Cargo Khaki

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

His supporters say the rules are necessary if the country is to finally confront climate change. They argue the regulations will also help spur development of clean coal technologies.

But the industry's future is murky. Wyoming production fell for the fourth straight year in 2013. The annual output of 388 million tons was down from the 443 million tons recorded in 2010. Last year, for the first time ever, not one company bid on a federal coal lease in Wyoming.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

The Obama administration, for its part, says there is no such war. "Coal is part of the energy mix today, and it will be for decades into the future," EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told Basin Electric Power Cooperative employees during a February visit to the company's Synfuels plant in Beulah, North Dakota.

marketplace by making it too expensive compared with competing fuel sources.

The students' pride in the coal industry is matched only by their frustration with its critics. Coal, in their view, is misunderstood. It is not as dirty as its opponents make it out to be.

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

Ladies Nike Cortez Trainers

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