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Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

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One assignment in the English grad class Rhetorical Theory Praxis (ENGL 652) focuses on student readings in the theory behind composition instruction and support in writing centers. This semester Dr. Bennett offered students the option of producing a promotional video that blended clear messaging with a connection with their audience. Read further to see his video assignment.

REFLECTION ESSAY After you have completed this assignment, write a short paper that explains the motivations, choices, strategies, and contexts that yielded your digital short. This paper should not merely capture "I made a movie" but, rather, "Here's what I was trying to do in the movie, here's why I chose this topic, and here's how it connects to other readings (inside or outside our class reading list). Ultimately, a person watching the digital short should not need your paper to understand Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Men

4. Final products should be uploaded to YouTube with the URL then sent to me via email; I will then imbed them in the class blog.

assemble clips, arrange transitions, add soundtracks, etc.

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

your argument, but it should substantially complement the movie in an explanatory manner.

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

1. The ACU Learning Studio, located in the Brown Library Learning Commons, is utterly prepared to assist you with this activity.

Thanks to Christina Johnson and Suzanne Shedd for sharing their project and for the Learning Studio own Ben Weaver for shooting it. Thanks to Dr. Bennett for making Nike Cortez Vintage White

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

OVERVIEW You are to prepare a three to five minute advertising video for the ACU Writing Center that emphasizes your choice of best practices while providing standard publicity information location, hours, etc. You may wish to highlight our tutoring hierarchy, our hospitality, our collaborative methods, or any other item that illustrates what we do. The goal is to Nike Classic Cortez Epic W provide boilerplate publicity information but also to demonstrate your understanding of at least one prong of best practices.

3. Be careful as you capture video at the WC; many clients will be uncomfortable with being filmed. Consider using the space after hours with actors (I can give you a key).

2. No unedited videos will receive credit. You must use Final Cut, iMovie, or other such program to Nike Cortez Black Ebay

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

5. Feel free to consult and share with other teams strategies, editing techniques, and software capabilities. Collaboration is good and welcome!

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

6. Not all of your footage must be shot at the space itself; use texts, promo clips, etc.

7. I am not expecting technical perfection. I am expecting high quality.

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

8. Many students are excellent editors and videographers, but poor sound engineers. The most common problem I have found with such assignments is poor sound. Be ready to record and re record your sounds and voiceovers.

´╗┐Writing Center promo video

Nike Classic Cortez Epic W

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