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"Some prosecutors have run into this issue where more and more of what you're seeing if someone's stealing a card, a lot of time it's the debit card and you can't use this credit card statue," he said.

Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red

Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red

Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red

Current state law prohibits everyone but licensed electricians from installing electrical equipment. But a bill before the Wyoming Legislature could make an exception to the law, allowing everyone to change a bulb if it's routine and doesn't require changing or repairing wire.

"It's harassment of wildlife to sit up on a ridge and fly a drone around and find a big buck or elk," he said.

s are paid for with income from a $500 million endowment the Legislature established in 2006, said Sen. Hank Coe, R Cody, a committee chairman.

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Mug shots

Returns on the investment have been good. The committee proposed the bill to help students with increases in tuition since there have been no increases since it was started, he said.

Gingery is also sponsoring HB43, which would extend the age from 17 to 18 in the Children In Need of Supervision Act.

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Debit card thefts


SF55 would increase from $800 to $880 the semester scholarship for students with a minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5 and a composite ACT score of at least 19 if they are enrolled for 12 or more hours at an eligible college.

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The $1,200 a semester would increase to $1,320 for high school students with 3.0 GPAs and ACT scores of at least 21.

he heard of electricians changing light bulbs at the Wyoming Retirement Center in Basin, the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander and the Wyoming Pioneer Home in Thermopolis.

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The CHINS Nike Cortez Mens White And Black

"They've been having electricians change light bulbs," Case said. "And I am not kidding.

Think twice about changing that light bulb.

Children who get CHINS orders can be mentally ill or a discipline problem but who could benefit from state services, but they're not necessarily criminals, Gingery said.

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habitually disobeys reasonable and lawful demands of his parents or is ungovernable and beyond control, according to current law.

Wyoming bill allows everyone to change a light bulb

Act allows courts to order children into the custody of a foster home or a shelter if the child is truant, has run away from home, Nike Cortez White/Varsity Red-varsity Royal

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Drones while hunting

Billy Holmes, who works for the Department of Administration and Information and manages the three buildings, said he hired electricians because he just wanted to follow the law. He would Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red welcome the change the bill would bring.

HB44 would expand the definition of credit card to include debit cards. Rep. Keith Gingery, R Jackson, said more card thefts occur these days with debit cards than with credit cards.

"It's not rocket science to replace a lamp or light bulb," he said.

The light bulb bill is just one of a handful filed at theWyomingLegislature, which convenes Feb. 10.

New Internet businesses have popped up recently, posting mug shots and arrest information. Case said many of the businesses charge hundreds of dollars to remove them when the person is found innocent.

House Bill 30 would add drones to a list of vehicles that cannot be used to pursue or harass animals. Other vehicles include aircraft, automotive vehicles, trailers, motor propelled vehicles and snow vehicles.

The Casper Star Tribune left a message with Wilking at the Seventh Judicial Court judges' office on Wednesday. Wilking had an office worker relay that she did not think it was appropriate to discuss the matter because the case involved an unidentified minor and there was pending legislation on the matter.

Bill sponsor Rep. Stephen Watt, R Rock Springs, said he doesn't think drones are being used in hunting in Wyoming yet. He is concerned wildlife won't get a fair chance to run away if spotted by a drone.

Sen. Cale Case, R Lander, one of sponsors of Senate File 42, said that most people don't follow the law and fire marshals across the state don't enforce it. The issue came to his attention when Nike Cortez Fleece Womens

Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red

Gingery was spurred to write the bill after a September decision by the Wyoming Supreme Court about a 17 year old Casper child who had been in the custody of the Wyoming Department of Family Services since he was 15. Judge Catherine E. Wilking ordered he remain in state custody, but his attorneys appealed because the law had been written to only allow services through age 17. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of removing the CHINS.

Current law makes it a crime to use someone else's credit card without their permission. It is a felony if the amount stolen is more than $1,000, said Gingery, who is the chief deputy in the Teton County Attorney's Office.

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