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This wasn't always the case, he said. Twenty years ago, when the NRC was in Denver, it relied on hydrologists in Wyoming for information.

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

NRC spokesman Dave McIntyre said that two full permits have been issued in Wyoming since 2007. And he added that it's a matter of resources because, "The boom in applications started in 2007, the economy Nike Cortez White Navy Red

Rep. Dave Miller, R Riverton, sponsored the legislation calling for the study after becoming Grey Nike Cortez Size 5

Maureen Conley of the NRC works with the agreement states, and she said it is possible that states could manage resources to speed up the permitting. "If a state wants to hire five reviewers it would not go as quickly as hiring 10 people," she said. But a state could invest in the permitting and manage its resources to make the process faster, she said.

But Miller says that has changed: The NRC has "wanted to do it independently, and that has meant delays."

Legislation signed into law in March directs the Land Quality Division of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality to hire experts to conduct a study on how it would affect state government and the industry if Wyoming took primacy.

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

"The study will look, given future permitting activity and permits that are active right now, what would it take to maintain permits, regulate, inspect and ensure compliance here in the state," she said.

convinced that the federal government was "dysfunctional" and far too slow in handling permitting requests. He said that Wyoming has paid a price for the slowness in missing out on some of the boom prices for uranium that existed in 2007.

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Miller said that the idea of taking primacy came out of a nuclear energy task force of the Legislature. He said, "This was a question we brought up to industry folks if it was better if Wyoming became an agreement state. At the beginning they were noncommittal."

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

The move is called 'taking primacy" from the NRC, or becoming an "agreement state." A majority of states actually already are agreement states 37 of them, in fact, although Wyoming leads the country in uranium production, producing twice what the second state (Nebraska) produces.

By government standards, the timeline is very short. DEQ is expected to report to the Legislature's Joint Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee on its findings in December, in time for possible action during the 2014 budget session of the state Legislature.

into whether the state should take over monitoring uranium mining and milling from the federal government.

What will it cost Wyoming?

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Impatient with what they consider a "nonresponsive" federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Wyoming legislators commissioned a study looking Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy-white

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

Wyoming seeks 'agreement state' status with feds on Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker uranium permits

But industry representatives warmed to the idea "because the federal bureaucracy moves at a slow pace compared to Wyoming," he said.

turned in 2008, and we are under budget constraints like every other agency."

Nike Classic Cortez Textile Sneaker

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