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The company employs 800 people and has four retail stores in the state.

The Fort Laramie Frontier Trading Post, out of Fort Laramie, does two thirds of its business online.

"I spent $27,000 at the post office last year," owner Richard Scott said.

"I don't see it as an ideal way to buy art," she said.

"Our online sales are very minimal," she said.

Mountain Meadow Wool in Buffalo is an online retailer and wholesaler. Co owner Karen Hostetler said she's had a website for more Nike Women's Cortez Deluxe

Wyoming retailers slow to come around to Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday surpassed the $1.25 billion mark for the first time last year, according to comScore. This year Adobe predicts that sales will surge to $2 billion. Twenty one percent of those sales will occur on mobile devices, according to the software company's analysis. There is no cyber Monday after the weekend of Thanksgiving and Black Friday ( also divesting ). That CyberMonday thing was a retail phenom when Americans were going up the lower slopes of online buying learning curve years ago.

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Georgia Rowswell owns Artful Hand in Cheyenne. She's also a member of Wyoming First and said her website is more like an electronic business card. Her works are cartographical expressions of color that mimic aerial views of the West. She said viewing art online isn't the best way to gain an affinity for her work.

Made, an up and coming boutique in Jackson Hole, is also extending its arms across the oceans. Owner John Frechette said this is his third Christmas in business, and he expects it to be his most successful. It's Made's first year with a website, and Frechette said a "sizeable chunk" of his revenue is coming from online sales.

Whether there's an inherent intransigence to shopping online or no aversion to standing in the cold, many Wyoming retailers like to keep people shopping the old fashioned way.

Joyce Kemph, owner of Wyoming Home in Cheyenne, has a website to help sell handcrafted trinkets, luggage, jewelry and furniture. But customers are more apt to walk through the storefront door. The store is also a member of Wyoming First.

Dan Carey, owner and CEO of Shirts and More, said he "hasn't had an online sale in 10 years." Carey's business is a member of the Business Council's Wyoming First program. It's designed to assist companies in the state with identifying and promoting Wyoming made goods throughout the country.

Cyber Monday sales account for 1 percent of Cheyenne based Sierra Trading Post's yearly revenues. It's a Top 100 Internet retailer and one of the nation's leading online vendors of goods in the outdoors industry.

November and December are the difference between a good year and a great year for the company, Walter said. An average day on the Sierra Trading Post website sees more than 200,000 visitors. The company has made great strides to enhance its "conversion rate" by making the site more navigable, increasing email alerts and making more products available to customers at all times, he said.

"We've passed the tipping point," he Nike Classic Cortez Trainers said. "For a long time it was like, 'Is anybody listening?' Now when we post something, we're getting instant feedback."

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

her socks, scarves, throws and caps sell faster than before.

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

The National Retail Foundation doesn't track state by state online shopping patterns. The Wyoming Business Council and the Wyoming secretary of state's office don't catalogue revenues from online businesses. For many business owners in the state, the Internet just doesn't fit into their business model.

Cyber Monday doesn't mean much for Wyoming retailers. At least not yet.

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

supports us through the winter slump," he said.

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Sierra Trading Post doesn't need to depend on revenues from the holiday season because customers always "get a deal," said Juliette Rule, the company's public relations manager. Other online retailers in the outdoors industry will sell at full price, Rule said. Sierra Trading Post only does close outs.

He specializes in Civil War uniforms, furs, leather, knives, mountain man get ups and American Indian costumes and jewelry. He sells to movie productions and war re enactments more than gift givers.

She ships multiple online orders per day to customers in the states and across the globe. The company's retail side took off after the website launched. She said Nike Cortez Toddler Red

"My biggest month is October, for Halloween," he said.

At the same time, Wyoming's dearth of online retailers appears to be slowly changing, as some businesses follow customer trends in the digital age.

It's the biggest shopping day of the year and a make or break day for many online retailers throughout the country. Here, it's just the Monday after Black Friday.

Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Frechette recently shipped orders to Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland for the first time and expects more international orders to come thanks to social media. He grew apathetic toward Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in the past years. But since he launched a website, his faith in tweets, wall posts and pins renewed itself. Now he has an online army of supporters, he said.

"Cyber Monday helps us continue to stay in the black, but it's not a deal breaker," said Ken Walter, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing.

"Our revenue increased dramatically," she said.

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Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

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