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"I love it. It creates an atmosphere of adversity for our team," Huff said. "Everybody's going to come back and their body's going to be sore. So I'm really ready to see how our team's going to respond."

The Cowboys have a total of 10 practices and two scrimmages in the next nine days, as the team continues to work toward the Aug. 31 season opener at Nebraska.

the grind of playing college football."

At the conclusion of Monday morning's practice, his team kneeled around him, a smattering of red jerseys sprinkled in alongside the brown and gold.

It sounds like some form of elaborate punishment, something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. The Wyoming football team calls it something different:"When I first came in people told me fall camp was probably the hardest thing," freshman running back Omar Stover said. "I thought winter conditioning would be the hardest thing. But with the two a days, with the long practices with the tempo, they were right. For the players, it may have felt like a horrible case of deja vu.

Wyoming coach Dave Christensen has heard the laundry list of side effects hundreds of times before. He gets it: two a days are hard.

Nike Cortez 2017

"A lot of guys are sore, and we expect the entire team to have sore hamstrings and be tired and have a headache. That's just part of two a days," Christensen said after Monday morning's practice. "That's part of Cortez Nike Tumblr

Nike Cortez 2017

Nike Cortez 2017

Then imagine doing it twice in 24 hours.

Nike Cortez 2017

But you know what else is hard? Winning late season conference games in the Mountain West.

Nike Cortez 2017

MONDAY: The Wyoming football team began two a days. The team has 10 practices Nike Cortez Ultra Qs

He didn't tell them it was going to be easy. The practices were going to keep coming faster than their bodies could heal. Their Nike Cortez Black Crimson

Nike Cortez 2017

Senior captain Marqueston Huff, however, relishes the challenge.

Those excuses don't carry weight at Wyoming. If you want to play in Lincoln (Neb.), you have to play here first. The adversity provided when your body tells you to lie down while your coaches tell you to move faster can't be faked. In the fourth quarter of an exhausting late November game, two a day practices prove their worth.

Christensen has a message for those that think this way.

"We need to get a workout here. Guys need to learn how to grind and really learn how to wear those pads, work on their technique and everything like that," defensive end Riley Lange said. "That's just football, man."

Nike Cortez 2017

Wyoming football team works through injuries in two

HE SAID IT: "A lot of guys are sore, and we expect the entire team to have sore hamstrings and be tired and have a headache. That's just part of two a days." Christensen.

life off the practice field would be spent in a training room, receiving treatment for nicks and bruises that would likely soon be replaced by new ones.

And at this point, when bodies are sore and the next week seems like a gauntlet, it can be easy to take the easy road. Practice is certainly more relaxing when spent in a red jersey, looking on as others sweat, bleed and collide Nike Cortez 2017 around you.

and two scrimmages scheduled in the next nine days.

Nike Cortez 2017

INJURY WOES: Despite a rash of minor injuries, most on the defensive side of the ball,UW coach Dave Christensen urged his team to be tough and return to practice.

Nike Cortez 2017

Imagine putting 10 pounds of pads on, running onto a grass field and then engaging in high speed collisions for an hour and a half. Your head hurts, your body is screaming and every time a horn sounds, you sprint to another station and prepare to get hit again.

Nike Cortez 2017

Nike Cortez 2017

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