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Championships at the Douglas Golf Course. Wyoming Indian has won the previous five boys team titles and have been dominant since Her Many Horses started coaching cross country in 2002.

The Wyoming Indian boys cross country team has won 17 state titles in the last 30 years, with seven individual champions during that same time span. The first banner holds the bulk of those state title years (it's full, top to bottom), with the most recent titles on a newer banner to the immediate right.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

Her Many Horses pointed to the banners hanging on the wall.

Each year, the team sells t shirts with that year's slogan printed on the back in the different tribal languages; this year's saying is "Run for a Good Life." Her Many Horses said the shirts are a big hit with the runners, as well as the parents and members of the community. He actually had to put in another order.

And for a sport where runners and programs pride themselves in total miles run during a week, or season, Her Many Horses takes a different approach. His training philosophy taken in part from his college coach at Black Hills State, Dave Little is go hard one day, back off the next. No one runs more than 25 miles a week during the season.

The team has made trips to the Crazy Horse Memorial, Devils Tower, Bear Butte and the Fetterman Battlefield. Some of the teams have had as many as six to eight different tribes represented, from Shoshone, Arapahoe, Pawnee and Sioux. Her Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White Many Horses will often tell a historical anecdote in the huddle prior to a race and then end with the following motivator: "All you've got to do is run three miles."

Clifford, who was the state runner up as a freshman, and senior Alvin Spoonhunter last year's state runner up give the Chiefs a solid top end duo. Wyoming Indian's last individual champion was in 2009.

The team had a send off pasta dinner on Wednesday, and when it hosts its annual meet during the season, they host a post race meal where families bring food in pot luck style. This year, they fed 250 runners, and the kids all ate first.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

Wyoming Indian leads Class 2A

"If we do not win it," Clifford, a junior, said "it's going to be a big thing."

The Chiefs have won eight of the last nine boys team titles, and their margin of victory the last three years didn't dip below 20 points. That included an near perfect team score of 12 points in 2009 (Class 2A takes the top four runners, so a perfect score is 10). Wyoming Indian has added four individual titles in the previous decade but also had the state runner up an additional seven times.

country coach pulled the hood of his pull over sweatshirt around his head and turned toward eastward toward the school's football field.

The Chiefs are the favorite to add a No. 18 to that list on Saturday at the Wyoming State High School Class 2A Cross Country Nike Cortez Forrest Gump Review

Family, and tradition, are big parts of the cross country program. Her Many Horses, an American history teacher, started teaching and coaching track at Wyoming Indian in 1990. Since he's taken the reigns of the cross country program, he adds history lessons into trips back home from meets.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

"I want one of us to get the top spot, so we have it [as a team]," Spoonhunter said.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

ETHETE As Chico Her Many Horses exited a side door of the Wyoming Indian High School gymnasium, a blast of rain and chilly autumn wind met him.

Both Wilson Clifford and Alvin Spoonhunter said one of the team's biggest motivators is continuing the run.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

sophomores (two) and one junior but he thinks they have a chance at the school's first girls team title.

Her Many Horses knows the boys team is the favorite heading into Saturday's race. Personally, he'd rather have his boys doing the chasing than have the target on their collective backs, but he said the team thrives off the pressure.

And the kids have the summer off, to play basketball, hunt, fish or work.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

"We're hoping for No. 18," he said, his fingers crossed.

And the boys aren't his only title hope. The girls team is young only two seniors will run Saturday, the rest are freshmen (three), Nike Women's Cortez Nylon Sneakers

"Don't forget about the girls team," Her Many Horses said.

The Wyoming Indian gym a modern day Taj Mahal to small school basketball, if you will houses the banners of nine state boys basketball teams, along with two on the girls side.

The Chiefs cross Chris Brown Nike Cortez

But two banners rival them all, in terms of number of state titles and dominance during the last three decades.

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

Nike Cortez Basic Leather 06 Black White

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