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´╗┐Working to preserve Hand Talk

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Yellow Calf's immediate ancestors were living in ways that suited them just fine until the ancestors of we European Americans suddenly dropped in, uninvited. Implicit in our attitudes towards Indians, even today, is a certain disdainful wondering why tribes weren't busily "advancing" when we "discovered" them. Even a relatively admiring observer of the Plains Tribes in the late 19th century wrote, "The trail of their migration on the vast prairies is like the track left by a vessel on the troubled waters of the ocean."

Bear: The conception is a rolling motion in walking.

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Although his theories aren't universally accepted,University of California Los Angelesgeographer Jared Diamond made an interesting case in his 1997 book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" that human cultures he mostly focused on New Guineans conform to the environments in which we find ourselves. We make the achievements we are forced to make, taking advantage of whatever resources we are lucky enough to have at hand. Archaeologist Barry Cunliffe's latest book, "Britain Begins," shows that for thousands of years the lives of my ancestors weren't so very different from those of Yellow Calf. The name "Britain" itself is rooted in the Greek word for the islands' inhabitants prettanoi painted or tattooed savages. The only discernable technological innovation over a span of centuries might have been a somewhat different shape or decoration on clay pots.

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Yellow Calf (1860 1938) was a remarkable person, sometimes called the last chief of his tribe before they transitioned Nike Cortez Epic Premium

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to a council form of government. In 1931, when Great Grandpa Ed Alton (1874 1934) greeted him, Yellow Calf had been working for four or five years to revitalize the Crow Dance in the communities of Ethete, Lower Arapahoe and Mill Creek where I later attended primary school.

"I can remember being with him, walking down the street, and meeting Chief Yellow Calf, the Arapaho," my Uncle Tom Bell wrote last week from Lander. "My Granddad was legally blind but when he was fairly close, he could recognize people. He knew the sign language and when we were close to Yellow Calf, his fingers and hands began to move. The same with Yellow Calf and when they came up to each other, they grunted a few things then moved on. I stood there amazed. I was probably 7 or 8 years old. He then told me who the man was."

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Bad: The movement being similar to what would naturally follow if one were to pick up what was supposed to be a rope and it should turn out to be Nike Classic Cortez Vintage Se

"The whites have had the power given them by the Great Spirit to read and write, and convey information in this way. He gave us the power to talk with our hands and arms, and send information with the mirror, blanket, and pony far away, and when we meet with Indians who have a different spoken language from ours, we can talk to them in signs," said Chief Iron Hawk of the Sioux. Cavalry Capt. William P. Clark studied sign in the 1870s and '80s and left a treasure trove of a book about it. Here are a few particularly pleasing examples of non verbal words:

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The intelligence and sophistication of American Indians is nowhere better illustrated than in sign language, or Hand Talk. They were illiterate, Nike Cortez Basic Leather Black but Hand Talk was a dazzlingly nuanced form of communication permitting members of different tribes to convey complex ideas based on boldly imaginative metaphors.

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It's thought the deaths of two of his children sparked Yellow Calf's emersion in the old religion. A tough old chief fighting to the end to save kids he deserves our enduring respect and affection.

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