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Wyoming Legislature loses again

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The lawmakers, particularly those on the education committees, were stung by the ruling. They groused about how much time and effort they put into the plan the court just scrapped. But then they worked on a more equal finance scheme.

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Although they were aghast at the scope of the ruling, the lawmakers responded by involving six committees and 55 legislators in the job of putting together a constitutionally correct educational system for the public schools.

The little districts claimed the big school districts were getting more state money per pupil then they were.

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financing system and an academic "basket of goods" for each student.

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CHEYENNE The Wyoming Supreme Court has knocked the Legislature on its collective ear many times over the years.

According to the Supreme Court majority in the split 3 2 decision on the law, the legislators were too stingy in the power they left to Hill to meet Nike Cortez Black

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In 1980 the court handed down one of its first in a string of rulings on school finance in a lawsuit filed by Washakie County School District No. 1 and other small school districts.

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The legislators passed SF 104 last year as the quickest way to get Hill out of the way in favor of someone who would carry out their mandates for accountability and education reform and give taxpayers a return on their substantial financial investment in K 12 education.

Lawmakers were also shocked by previous Supreme Court rulings that dealt with education, specifically school finance.

The Supreme Court agreed and threw out the funding scheme then in place as unconstitutionally unequal.

One of the most vocal and persistent critics of the bill was Rep. Nike Cortez Black And Yellow Keith Gingery of Jackson, who can now have an I told you so moment along with the other opponents of the bill.

In late 1995, the Supreme Court dropped a bombshell. This time the court struck down as unconstitutional not only the K 12 financing system but the academic system as well.

The bill had bipartisan support in the Legislature. It passed the Senate 20 10 and the House 39 to 20.

Many people were surprised by the ruling.

The law put the department under a director appointed by the governor while Hill and a small staff were shunted to space in a different office building in the capitol complex.

They received another jolt in 2001 when the Supreme Court ordered the state to pay for all the school buildings, too.

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In January 1992, four large school districts sued the state on grounds the smaller school districts were getting more state money per pupil than they were.

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The Legislature, in sum, had over stepped the bounds in trimming the duties of an elected state official.

After all the bill, Senate File 104, had been vetted by attorneys from the executive and legislative branches of government and was signed into law by Mead, who also is an attorney.

the constitution's requirement that the superintendent have "general supervision" over the public schools.

Gov. Matt Mead appointed Richard Nike Cortez Black And White

As with the Hill ruling, the court thoughtfully released some of these rulings prior to a legislative session.

The law left the office of the superintendent an "empty shell," the decision said.

Crandall, a former Arizona legislator and businessman, to run the Education Department.

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The order required the state to provide a cost based Nike Cortez Wolf Of Wall Street

For now the state officials involved are into a gloomy wait for the final word from the courts while they try to figure out how to reverse the operation with as little blood loss as possible.

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