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There is no legislative silver bullet that will break the cycle. Catalysts for incarceration are as Kendrick Lamar Nike Cortez Vma

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Wyoming advocates say many of these inmates are not hardened criminals. Like Overfield, many Nike Cortez Black N White people with mental illnesses will repeatedly commit minor offenses that are triggered by their afflictions. A drug addiction, some say, is preferable to acknowledging their own mental illness. For others, advocates say, treatment is simply not accessible.

varied and complex as mental illness itself, and can include a variety of factors including lack of treatment, inappropriate treatment and an individual's willingness to participate in his or her own recovery.

Overfield was hospitalized and sent to various treatment centers around the state. The delusions persisted after her release, but terrified of being shipped off again, she turned to substances to quiet them. Contact with police and stints in jail would often follow.

The state dedicates roughly $53 million annually for all of these outpatient and residential treatment services.

Specialized treatment centers that do not receive state funds exist, but often for only those who can afford them.

Wait times to see a provider can result in incarceration before a mental health bed opens.

The next day, Overfield shaved her head and made a series of bizarre phone calls, telling people she killed her family and that she had failed her mission to God and sent them to hell. Her insurance agent, one of the horrified recipients of Overfield's phone calls, called police.

The Health Department's mental health and substance abuse services fund 21 community based mental health and/or substance abuse centers. Russler said most are private, nonprofit community health centers that operate on a sliding fee scale, so everyone can afford services.

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The report found mental health services in Wyoming "remain sparse and inadequate, with many areas lacking psychiatric care and reasonable access to needed services and supports."

Russler said she believes statewide improvements have occurred in recent years, and that the Wyoming Department of Health is consistently striving to improve and modernize the system.

Because of this, patients may fail to receive adequate treatment, often due to time and transportation constraints.

Wyoming reliance on jails for mental health services Nike Cortez Blue And Red

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Through interviews with patients, family members, mental health advocates and law enforcement officials around the state, the Star Tribune has learned:

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There is at least one state funded treatment center in each county, but not all are equipped to deal with a patient's specialized needs.

An often cited national study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that about 56 percent of state prisoners, 45 percent of federal prisoners and 64 percent of local jail inmates experienced mental health problems. Measurement standards vary by study, making cross comparisons unreliable.

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No counseling will be effective without the patient's acceptance of his disease and a willingness to cooperate in treatment. The survey measured four broad categories: health promotion and measurement, financing and core treatment/recovery services, consumer and family empowerment and community integration and social inclusion.

Overfield said she learned quickly after her breakdown to lie about her state of mind.

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Regardless, Wyoming advocates say improvements to the state's mental health system could help deflect at least some people from landing behind bars time and again.

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"It shuts my mind off," Overfield said of her substance abuse. "My mind gets to going so fast, and I can't shut it off."

For weeks, the single mother unknowingly suffered a manic episode severe enough for her parents to travel from Cody to Lander to retrieve Overfield and her daughter.

comes with consequences

as well as around the country, jails and prisons operate as de facto mental health facilities, treating a disproportionately high number of offenders with mental illnesses, substance abuse issues and often both. Now 33, she estimates she's been to jail 14 or 15 times. Her charges were mostly misdemeanors public intoxication, disturbing the peace and DUIs and products of her self medication. She has a felony conviction for prescription fraud.

Wyoming Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Administrator Dr. Alice Russler said she was familiar with the report but unclear on the methodology and was unable to speak directly to its findings.

"Every county in Wyoming is attached to one of these 21 centers," Russler said.

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