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FRESHMEN FIRSTS: Wyoming quarterback Jason Thompson threw his first career touchdown pass as a Cowboy on Saturday. It was Thompson's first start at quarterback for Wyoming. He had played running back and receiver previously. May scored his first career rushing touchdown. While not a first, freshman running back scored his fourth rushing touchdown of the season. That's more rushing scores than any other player on Wyoming's team this year.

"I don't think that's what we are in this business to teach kids. How to cheat. And that's what that was."

No flag was thrown and Air Force got the ball back with 2:16 left to play. The Falcons then successfully ran out the clock to end the game.

"I had an issue with a player not being injured, jogging all the way across the field and five yards from the sideline falling on the ground. And they stand around for four minutes. I have an issue with the ethics. That's not ethical. I let him know what I felt about it," Christensen said.

PASS INTERFERENCE?: Jason Thompson said Wyoming's last offensive play, Blue Cortez Shoes

a 28 27 lead with 7:45 left in the game.

The Colonel just doesn't get it. He has recruited some good young men to play for the Cowboys but he has failed to lead them. He took the Polks to a bowl game last year, totally unprepared. This season has been a complete disaster for the same reason. It's time for him to look beyond his ego and remember why he is Nike Cortez Classic Ladies there. The athletic department is just the most visible.

INJURY UPDATE: Air Force running back Cody Getz left Saturday's game with a leg injury, according to post game comments from Falcons' coach Troy Calhoun.

Wyoming's Christensen chews out Air Force coach Calhoun

"The guy lays on the ground. They put together their whole plan, get everybody ready to go, don't have to call a timeout, don't have to do anything. And again, that wasn't what won and lost the game. My point is, our job is to teach kids principals and ethics and integrity. That's not what I want my kids to learn. I want my kids to get their a off the field if they're hurt and not stop the game unless we have to carry them off."

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Wow K58 are you off your rocker? A person a character does not appoligize for the truth. You must be a "the end justifies the means" person. Cheating must be ok if you get what you want in the end I guess. If the roles were reversed, I would be glad the other coach called him on it. If my team has to win by cheating, I would Nike Cortez Og Qs Ebay

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

an incomplete pass intended for senior wide receiver Chris McNeill might have been interfered with by the Air Force defense.

Christensen said the reason for the argument was what happened prior to Air Force's final touchdown of the game.

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Falcons' quarterback Connor Dietz left the game with an injury after he was tackled by Miraldo Michel and Sonny Hala'api'api. He appeared to be favoring a leg when he rose. Trainers looked at Dietz on the field. The next play, Air Force scored on a 5 yard naked bootleg carried by backup quarterback Kale Pearson. The Falcons then completed the extra point to take Nike Classic Cortez Ebay

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

rather they take the loss. Both teams played hard. Cheating is without character or class. Having a player act hurt to get a timeout IS cheating. I am proud of the Wyo coach!

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

CALHOUN ON SMITH: Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said he was impressed with how Thompson played in his first start at quarterback. "To have a freshman quarterback play that well, they did one heck of a job getting him ready," Calhoun said after the game.

As Wyoming and Air Force met it the middle of the field after the game, Dave Christensen and Air Force coach Troy Calhoun traded words, with the UW coach mostly on the giving end.

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

"Chris ran his route," Thompson said. "He kind of stumbled a little bit. When he was open, I threw it to him. [pass interference], tackling him before the ball."

Nike Cortez Classic Ladies

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