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But he ran smack into a brick wall when the government refused to allow him access to federal scientists who could discuss the issue.

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"She felt like she couldn't do her job anymore," he said.

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Strauss said there appears to have been a top down directive that has drastically changed the relationship between government scientists and journalists particularly when the results of the research don't fit the government's agenda.

undergraduate degrees and 60 percent of master's degrees now going to women, many believe it's only a matter of time before that trend influences the upper echelons of the "STEM" fields science, technology, engineering and math. (AP / Steve Helber)

conversation with a government information officer, one who was nearly in tears describing how her job had changed from one in which her job was to facilitate communication between journalists and scientists to one in which her job was really to prevent the journalists from talking to the scientists.

In this Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 photo, William Mary professor Elizabeth Harbron holds a vial of dye in her lab in Williamsburg, Va. Though she was happy to help blaze a path, Habron says she didn't start out to create an all women's lab. It happened naturally, with students seeking her out because they liked her informal, lively teaching style. With two thirds of all Nike Classic Cortez Nylon (Gorge Green / White)

"From a perspective of the general public you actually want journalists to know what's going on, you want them to speak to the best people. As Canadians we want to learn what our Canadian scientists are doing in the best fashion, in the clearest fashion," Strauss said.

It turns out the definitive paper on the subject was written by scientists from Agriculture Canada but no one would speak to him. They were muzzled, he claims, by the Conservative government. have recently undergone a role reversal. has adopted more open policies on releasing its research and freeing up its scientists to discuss their work, Canada has gone the other way.

´╗┐Writers ask feds to unmuzzle scientists

The letter cited an example last fall when Environment Canada refused to allow Dr. David Tarasick to speak to journalists about his ozone layer research when it was published in Nature.

As a science journalist working on a piece about climate change, Stephen Strauss was doing what he always does when he's trying to track down a story doing background research, coming up with questions, then lining up interviews with the best experts on the topic.

"The government of Canada is proud of the research done by its scientists. Last year Environment Canada officials completed over 1,200 media interviews including more than 325 interviews with departmental scientists," the statement said.

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"I tried to reach them, I sent emails, I made phone calls, nothing. I thought this was odd because what I'm trying to explain to people is really the difficulty of dealing with this, there's no scandal here," Strauss told CTV's Canada AM.

"This not only hurts journalists, this hurts the Canadian Nike Cortez Classic Leather public and people who want to understand what really happened."

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Nike Cortez Classic Leather

Office denies that claim. In a statement sent to CTV's Canada AM, the PMO defended its record.

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Strauss said often when scientists are permitted to do interviews, the journalist must first submit all questions in writing a process that prevents follow up questions and often restricts the flow of the conversation. has resolved the issue by allowing scientists to speak in both an official capacity, as government employees, but then also allowing them the freedom to set aside their official role when it comes to controversial issues, and go off script and speak simply as experts in their field. and could be successfully adopted here, Strauss said.

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