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Regardless of Burman's explanation, Wyoming could and probably should have raised its standards in the strategic plan. I'd reckon that the term "almost never finishes last" won't spark much enthusiasm within the fan base.

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Instead, their "competitive expectations" read as follows:

There is a very important difference between competing and winning.

Wyoming fans know this better than most. Their recent past has been littered with "almosts," with fine players and promising teams but very few championship banners.

They could have made a firm commitment to a new and more prosperous future.

The strategic plan, Burman says, is a "living, breathing document." Every six months, it will be reassessed and altered. If funding comes, competitive goals will be re examined. The bar will be raised.

It's the difference between trophies and consoling pats on the back, between victory and "almost." It's the difference between a championship team and one nobody ever remembers.

But his reasoning makes sense. Right now, these are the results Burman believes each of his coaches and programs are capable of consistently achieving.

Based on Burman's explanation, the above "competitive expectations" Nike Cortez Classic Navy Blue serve as a kind of baseline for Wyoming's coaches. Are you consistently in the top half of the conference standings? Do you regularly qualify for the postseason, and challenge for a conference title every 3 4 years?

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goal every year. Nobody sets a goal that's any less than that. No competitor does.

Craig Bohl is a major change of pace toward a winning program. I do support much better competition as well and believe Bohl is capable of winning at any level. Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing (who was it that said that?). I think Shyatt missed that truism somewhere along his career. It is also true that we fans have much higher expectations than Burman has been delivering. On the other hand, how was he supposed to know having been a stalwart at Portland State and a big time fan of D2 coaches and opponents. Wasn't Paul Roach AD and Head Football Coach during his tenure at UW?

Before you can win, you have to believe you can win. That starts at the top, with coaches and administrators, and pulses into the hearts and minds of each athlete, like a surging river feeding into the ocean.

Wyoming's competitive goals in strategic plan must eventually change

Not exactly shooting for the stars, are they?

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That expectation will change, Burman said, depending on the resources his programs have to compete and succeed. The strategic plan calls for a $3 million annual addition to the athletics operating budget to address "competitive success," and $2 million more annually to further staff development.

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"At this stage, with what we're giving our coaches, if we're going to put it down on paper, then we're going to hold them accountable to it," Burman said. "If I said to them, 'Your job is to win a conference championship every year,' that's already their White Navy Nike Cortez

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The team consistently finishes in the top of the conference standings and almost never finishes last.

If Wyoming gets that money, and these coaches finally have the "tools in their toolbox," as Burman says, the excuses will run dry. Teams will win, or changes will be made.

If this really is a strategic plan of what you hope to accomplish over the next seven years, why not aim higher? Why not have your goal be to win a championship every year?

comments are so inane I don't know where to start. First of all, most basketball LITERATE fans in the Wyoming fanbase watched two years ago as the Pokes were undefeated and reached an AP national ranking of 25 before a pinhead named Martinez went stupid. This last year, Wyoming was primed to take third outright in conference before Nance went down. They trounced league winner SDSU and took runner up UNM to OT both games. All of this with short benches the last two years. Shyatt just put together a solid recruiting class and depth will be better in the years to come. Watch out. Most basketball literate fans understand this.

"If we get our budgets to where [football coach Craig] Bohl can do what he wants from a recruiting perspective, and [men's basketball coach Larry] Shyatt and [women's basketball coach Joe] Legerski and the other coaches, that document will change," Burman said. "That expectation will change."

Once every 3 to 4 years the team is in contention for a conference championship.

At least, that's the way it should be.

I sat down with Wyoming athletics director Tom Burman earlier this week, and we dissected every facet of the strategic plan funding, staffing, scheduling, facilities. Amid the statistics and banter, I arrived at the next question scribbled and underlined in my notebook:

Burman's response was provided without hesitation.

For a university swimming in an ocean full of "almosts," it better.

In its recently released seven year strategic plan, Wyoming's administrators could have raised expectations for its Division I athletics programs. They could have demanded excellence, both on the field and in the gym.

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If yes, you're doing your job. If not, there's the door.

"But if we're not giving them the tools to compete and it's already a difficult job, you want to push but you have to be realistic."

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