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He set to work repairing the site, hiring sometimes unreliable Mens Nike Cortez Red

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

Thetanks, used to distill and refine oil, are the cold heart of the old C Refinery, a recognized historic landmark and a unique minihistory of oil refining largely unknown outside Lusk.

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Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

On the floor sits days old dog excrement.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

What the duo needed to refine the oil was equipment already considered obsolete pieces for a process that carefully heated oil to break it into refined substances able to heat homes and fuel cars.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

In 1933 they scrounged what they needed for their new refinery business from an old refinery in Casper,according to the refinery's application to the National Register of Historic Places.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

The refinery Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump wasn't in the operational condition he expected. It was a mess.

He flewacross a third of the globe from his home in the Pakistan capital of Islamabad to Lusk, braving a ride to Wyoming that felt like a journey to the edge of desolation.

In the former front office of the refinery's old service station, in what looks like a house, Girone spreads his arms and tells of his hope to turn the space into a small museum.

Carmine Girone, the refinery's caretaker, flips a switch on the wall, triggering a number of light bulbs that wash out the sun's speckles and shadows steam pipes, cans and pieces of wire with the bulk of the two cast iron tanks.

to Wyoming, sometimes five or six times a year.

"It's been a journey for him," said Chapman, who worked with Khalid to document the site's history and value.

In 1998, Khalid saw a sale notice in a magazine for the small refinery.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

Despite its hidden history and the new state historical marker placed out front, the tiny refinery doesn't look anything like a museum. Highway 18 might notice a rundown house, an abandoned service station and a glum zoo of weather stained metal tanks and small buildings. It's not open to the public.

holes, splashing stars of light around the refinery's dank interior.

"I can't emphasize enough, the actual still might be the rarest petroleum industry artifact that exists today, anywhere," said Fred Chapman, formerly an archaeologist with the Wyoming Historic Preservation Office.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

Wyoming microrefinery is rare but rundown piece of oil industry history

Girone points out this and that as he walks around the site: A Ford Model A truck's running board was cut up to make steps, some tanks are welded while others are held together by rivets, a pile of scrap metal to sell, the future home of picnic tables for tourists.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

"This is going to be a challenge," Girone admits.

"My work and family suffered in Pakistan, because most of the time I was in Wyoming," Khalid said. "But I did not give up until I stabilized it, I cleaned it."

Around him, the exposed ribs of the walls look sound, but the skin is falling away. The ceiling is patchy or gone.

He points to a wheelbarrow, then flexes his biceps.

"This is my truck, and this is my forklift," he says with a smile.

LUSK Under a tin shed on the west edge of Lusk sit two hulking cast iron tanks protected by a bearded drilling rig worker and championed by a Pakistani ex fighter pilot.

Khalid got the stills working again, obtained an operating permit from state environmental regulators and got the C a Guinness World Record listing in 1999 as the world's smallest operating refinery.

Against all odds, the heart of the refinery hadwarmed once more. But not without cost to Khalid.

The late Saturday morning sun shoots through the metal roof's nail Nike Classic Cortez Red White Blue

The tanks were forged in Pennsylvania in 1850, more than a decade before the Civil War's opening shot. Now they and the rest of the refinery belong to Zahir Khalid, a business consultant from Pakistan.

For Khalid, the refinery's Pakistan based owner, it's nearly midnight. On the weekends, he works at the refinery site.

"Shocked by the state of the outfit in front of me, I felt the life draining out of my legs," he recalled a year later in a report to the Society for Industrial Archeology newsletter.

The dilapidated refinery exists because of two ambitious men who built it during the Great Depression. Its survival now hinges on two men from Pakistan and Wyoming.

Edwin Chamberlain and James Hoblit, the refinery's namesakes,were ambitious but didn't have much money.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Forrest Gump

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