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Only two other states Louisiana and Texas, each of which has at least triple the number of refineries and around 20 times Wyoming's refining capacity were cited for at least 200 violations over the same period. Wyoming hosts six refineries that produce about 165,000 barrels of oil per day.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy

Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy

Lockie declined to comment on the number of citations his and other refineries have received, saying he hadn't been with Silver Eagle long enough to comment on past incidents.

"Like some other industries, it has the potential for danger, but if you look at injury rates and fatality rates, refining is actually pretty safe across the state," he said.

Silver Eagle has also undertaken safety efforts to upgrade facilities and change employees' mindsets about safety.

Wyoming OSHA staff contacted for this report declined to specifically address the Star Tribune's analysis, but did say the OSHA data was meaningful.

"You can put in all kinds of programs, but your safety program is limited by the way people approach it," said Lockie, a Silver Eagle executive with years of experience in other states. "We're basically trying to change the behavior of employees so they're very aware of safety and what we're trying to do."

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dangerous industries in Wyoming, and he hopes others would avoid doing the same. He has been heavily involved with the refinery safety alliance and is pleased with its progress.

Ensign said the alliance has helped Sinclair deal with its own safety issues, including some stemming from a Nike Classic Cortez Womens Tennis Shoes

The past two years alone have uncovered serious safety concerns at Wyoming refineries, which were cited by regulators for 205 safety violations in just 2011 and 2012, OSHA data shows.

to work together and problem solve."

"Industry has shown its responsiveness to the well being of workers by recently forming the Wyoming Refinery Safety Alliance," Mead's office said after reviewing the Star Tribune's conclusions. "Wyoming OSHA has also added staff with expertise in refinery inspections over the last two years. "

series of 2012 fires which injured multiple employees. Sinclair has since reassigned one of its vice presidents to work specifically in safety and has created five new positions at its refineries to keep workers safe, with 10 more expected to be filled soon.

Ysebaert said he wouldn't call refining among the more Nike Cortez Tennis Shoes

Of the five other states that have a refining capacity similar to Wyoming's, only Utah's refineries were cited for at least 100 violations from 2008 to the end of 2012. Refineries in Tennessee were cited for 45 violations, the second highest number of that group.

The data reveal a dangerous trend in Wyoming that several refiners and the state say they're taking steps to correct.

Sinclair's two refineries in Evansville and near Rawlins together earned 106 violations and $483,631 in proposed fines in 2011 and 2012. Violations ranged from failure to ensure proper training of employees to failure to inspect equipment frequently enough. The company's refineries were also cited 27 times in 2008 and 2010.

Wyoming oil refineries faced more citations for dangerous safety conditions per oil barrel of production capacity than those in any other state over the past five years, a Star Tribune analysis of federal data shows.

Jerry Lockie, general manager of refining for Silver Eagle's refineries in Evanston and Woods Cross, Utah, said that membership in the group which held its seventh meeting last week has already paid dividends.

"Across America, our refineries are aging quite a bit," he said. "That would be a good and important piece [of information] to look at."

"Both the content and the sophistication of our conversations from the first meeting until today has improved significantly," he said. "Our approach is safety over production. We want to take care of our employees and take care of the communities in which we operate."

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Ysebaert added it would be interesting to see several other statistics, including injury rate and age of the refineries committing violations. He said most Wyoming refineries are relatively old.

Refiners around the state formed the Wyoming Refinery Safety Alliance last summer in an attempt to solve the problem. Gov. Matt Mead encouraged the organization's formation, and Wyoming OSHA staff have since aided the group.

Each of Wyoming's five refinery owning companies Sinclair Oil, HollyFrontier, Wyoming Refining, Garco Energy and Silver Eagle Refining have since taken part in the group's monthly meetings, which are aimed at sharing best practices for worker safety.

"Any time you try to hang a particular train of thought on one set of statistics or one train of thought, it's always dangerous," said John Ysebaert, Wyoming OSHA administrator for standards and compliance. "It's certainly meaningful and part of the process of looking at the issue."

Government safety inspectors tagged Wyoming refiners with 239 citations for serious, willful or repeat safety violations in 2008 2012, according to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That means Wyoming refiners were cited on an average of every eight days.

Wyoming oil refiners worst for safety citations

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Workplace safety is also a priority for Mead, his office said in an emailed statement.

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Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy

Multiple calls to HollyFrontier, owner of a Cheyenne refinery, placed between Jan. 28 and Jan. 30 went unreturned. The Star Tribune was able to reach and share data with Wyoming Refining Company, owner of a Newcastle refinery, but the company did not respond to a request for comment on the data. Garco Energy, owner of a refinery in Douglas, could not be reached.

Ysebaert said Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy he would also be curious to know how many inspections listed by other states were planned and how many were in response to incidents.

Wyoming refineries' safety woes have become a priority to state safety workers.

Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy

"We do think that's something that has been identified as something in the state that needs to be worked on," said Hayley Douglass, Wyoming's Department of Workforce Services spokeswoman. The department oversees the state branch of OSHA. "We're looking Nike Cortez Shoes For Men

Nike Cortez Classic Og Nylon Qs Midnight Navy

"From our end, we have taken this thing very seriously," said Clint Ensign, a senior vice president for Sinclair Oil, owner of two of Wyoming's six refineries and two of the three most cited refineries in the state. "This is a big concern to us."

Silver Eagle's refinery in Evanston was cited 99 times and fined a proposed $115,000 in 2011 and 2012.

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