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"I've been playing the way I play my whole life," he said.

Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith's style of play is at the heart of Wyoming's successs

Yet as much as Brandon worries about Smith getting hurt in a shoving match, the coach admires the sophomore quarterback's willingness to stick his nose into just about anything on the field.

Sometimes when big, strong offensive and defensive linemen have been practicing football in the Nike Cortez Suede Womens

"We've known Brett's a tough guy," senior wide receiver Chris McNeill said. "He's not afraid of any contact. I've know him as much as anybody else knows him, and I'm the next guy to say, 'Dude, slide. We need you.' But he never shies away from it."

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"He's the emotional leader of the offense and possibly even the team. Anytime he makes a big play out there and turns up the crowd, gets them pumped up. It's contagious. It comes to the other guys and we get pumped up just as much."

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"He's right in the middle of them," Wyoming offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon said. "I told him, 'Brett, you run into that next fight, you've got a thousand yards of gassers [sprints], buddy. I don't need you running in there and breaking your thumb or spraining your ankle or some crazy thing.'

Unless he's really good at hiding it, Smith is a nice guy.

Smith is aware of how his style inspires his teammates. He said he noticed it last year when the players watched film after games. He watched his teammates' reactions as they watched him on the screen.

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sun they get tired and grumpy and sore. A bump turns into a shove. And that turns into a group of large men punching each other in the helmets.

"I started hearing it toward the end of the year," he said. "Guys would say comments, like 'Hey, that was awesome how you did that."

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It happens on practice fields everywhere, and it's no different at Wyoming.

But on the football field, the kid has an edge.

People call it different things.

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Smith just calls it the only way he knows.

More important than what it's called is what it does: inspire everyone on Smith's team.

That's why it's doubtful Smith will change anytime soon, even if it does mean running some extra sprints for fighting linemen.

he's not a linebacker playing quarterback."

"For them to recognize that, for that to make an impression on them, it makes me feel really good," Smith said. "It makes me feel a little better about the way I play."

"If you're not interested in contact, go play golf or something."

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"It's huge because guys see he's not afraid," the veteran coach said. "You've got to have a tough mindset to play this game. Because it's a physical game.

"That's what he's got to learn, that Cortez Nike Nm Qs

He is mild mannered and perfectly polite. He looks you in the eye when he talks to you. His smile makes you want to smile, too. Before and after practices, he walks around the locker room and checks on his teammates.

He doesn't like to slide. He takes extra hits for a few extra yards. He runs into fights against defensive lineman twice his size.

"He doesn't back down from anybody," Brandon said. "The team sees that and the Nike Cortez Epic White team knows that."

Odds are Brandon won't stay upset too long.

Smith took on a linebacker. Smith chose not to step out of bounds.

"From where I sit, I'd rather Camouflage Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez Epic White

Nike Cortez Epic White

have to pull him back than throw him the fire. He's not afraid. He loves competition. You just keep the reins on him in some respect so he plays within his capabilities. But again, I'd rather have a guy that I have to say, 'Hey, hey. Whoa' rather than having to kick him in the butt to get him to go."

His teammates started pointing plays like that out.

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