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The bill proposes tohike fees for airline passengers, charge higher premiums for federal pension plans, reduce payments to student loan collectors and decrease cost of living adjustments to military retirees among other things to pay for the $63 billion in hikes.

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The Ryan Murray proposal comes eight months after sequestration slashed federal agency budgets by $85 billion in 2013, forcing agencies to reduce services and furlough employees. Their budget suspends certain elements of the automatic cuts and increases government spending by $63 billion during the next two years.

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Another contentious point on the budget is the across the board Womens Cortez Boots

Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis said she will likely vote no when the House takes up the bill Thursday.

Wyoming congressional delegation averse to federal budget deal

"The fact that Senator Murray and Congressman Ryan can come to an agreement surely means some of their colleagues will come up supporting it," he said.

Lummis championed sequestration when it took effect in March and is standing by her vote. She said she would hate to walk away from the budget cuts.

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budget cuts known as sequestration.

If the Ryan Murray deal doesn't pass, there likely won't be another, she said.

want to suspend some of them."

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Wyoming and the federal government split the payments 50 50 prior to 2008. When the economic crisis began,Congress changed it to a 52 to 48 percent split. The federal government saidit needed more moneyto help pay the costs of administering the federal minerals programs, Lummis said.

Another burden on Lummis' shoulders is the potential for a replay of the government shutdown fracas that took place in October. If Congress can't reach abudget deal by Jan. 15, the government will shut down.

"Because Wyoming is the largest onshore producer of minerals," Lummis said, "this hits us harder than any other state."

Wyoming's all Republican congressional delegation has signaledits opposition to the bipartisan federal budget introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan, R Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D Wash.

When Ryan and Murray announced the bipartisan deal on Tuesday, lawmakers were optimistic the compromise would save Congress from creating another shutdown when the government checkbook runs dry in January.

Of course Wyoming's delegation would be averse to any bipartisn budget compromise solution , because they are part of the hyperpartisan no compromise problem . Or whatever is in the details. Wyoming is one of the leading states in the Union in receiving more money back in federal services and federal funding than it pays into the Treasury. Instead of getting $ 2.00 back for every dollar paid in to Uncle Sam , Wyoming will now get $ 1.95 or something. The Red States like Wyoming would become dysfunctional poverty sinks if the more prosperous and progressive Blue States quit subsidizing them with federal largesse. Enzi, Barrasso, and Lummis need to wake up in the morning with that thought at the fore, and see it on the back of their eyelids when they turn in at night. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

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"This only affects a few states, so negotiators and the Obama administration see it as an Nike Cortez Basic Leather Retro Running Shoes

"We need a budget that honors the spending limits already passed into law and this plan doesn't deliver that," he wrote.

The duo's legislation takes a 10 year estimate from the federal royalties andcouples it with fee increases and cost saving measures to pay for the $63 billion increase.

It's a promising sign when budget legislation hinges stalwarts from both parties together, he said.

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"He was fighting to keep things out of the proposal and Senate Democrats wanted more spending," she said. "They had to make trades."

Wyoming is fully capable of collecting its share of mineral revenues without help from the federal government, Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi said in a media release.

The measures to hike spending are "gimmicks," Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso wrote in an email to the Star Tribune.

Casting a no vote won't be an easy decision, Lummis said. She is a longtime supporter of Ryan's budgeting philosophy. She talked with him about which way she will vote.

easy pot of money," he said.

"I caught all kinds of grief for voting for the sequester because Nike Cortez Green Yellow people in Wyoming thought we'd never even use that vehicle to cut spending," she said. "We did use that vehicle to cut spending. It's the only vehicle since I've been here that's cut spending, and now we Nike Cortez Grey And Blue

The provision was set to expire this year. If the bill passes, it will be a permanent change. Wyoming received more than $800 million in mineral royalties in 2012.

While the Wyoming delegation gestures its disapproval, others in Washington are hopeful the deal will go through.

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