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And they are among the governor's most ardent supporters, donating to his congressional campaigns and the equivalent of $23,000 for his three runs for governor.

Meanwhile, his younger brother, 25 year old Naveen, claimed to work a full eight hours on Small Rental on all but eight weekdays the entire year at a cost of $185,000 to the state and you, the taxpayers.

Take 28 year old Praveen Kailas. He owns Lago Construction, and Cajun Elevation and Shoring and Tower Realty, all while spending lots of time coordinating a Nike Cortez Mens Size 14

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Naveen even billed for eight hours a day on three federal holidays.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

big development project at the Woolworth Building on Canal Street.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Since February, Lago has billed for at least 10 full time employees working 40 hours a week on the Small Rental Program.

do not take reports of possible fraud or misuse lightly, said Pat Forbes, director of the Office of Community Development, in Nike Cortez 2018 Grey

hired way more than they needed, he said. every employee got 8 hours a day regardless if they did 1 inspection or 100, which we never did 100, but I'm just saying. So the more employees he had the more money they were taking in. No. 1 wanted to remain anonymous because he says the Kailases bragged about their ties to Jindal and he fears their power. He said he was fired when he questioned Lago billing practices.

But taxpayers were billed upwards of $200 an hour for his supposedly undivided attention to the Small Rental Program.

In the year from July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012, the state and thus federal taxpayers paid more than $1.5 million for Lago's work on that program.

WWL questions billing by contractor tied to Jindal

a statement issued to Channel 4. Department of Housing and Urban Development for an investigation. Kailas family is one of the metro area's biggest landowners. They own office towers in Metairie, eastern New Orleans and the CBD, strip malls in Kenner and the East, mansions in Jefferson Parish and major development projects on Canal Street.

But another former Kailas employee, who also says he is scared of the Kailases' power we call him Source No. 2 says that wasn't even close to the truth.

But a former Lago employee we call him Source No. 1 provided us with emails showing that four of the employees were sent out on most of the inspections.

The state announced the probe after we questioned whether a subcontractor run by a family with close ties to Gov. Bobby Jindal billed hundreds of thousands of dollars for Road Home work while their employees were actually doing other jobs.

(Left to right: Mohan Kailas and his two sons, Naveen and Praveen)

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

company organized by Mohan and Praveen is called Lago Construction. Lago was hired as subcontractors inspecting repairs on mom and pop rental units for the Road Home, specifically the state's Small Rental Property Program.

Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said the governor ties to the family won deter them investigating fully: doesn't matter what political contributions they have given, Plotkin said. are serious allegations and they need to Nike Cortez Grey And Black be investigated fully. We have zero tolerance for fraud. Kailas owned Regions building serves as home base for several companies owned by brothers Mohan and Gowri Kailas and Mohan's sons, Praveen and Naveen Kailas.

Developer exposed by WWL TV pleads guilty to federal theft chargesadd to reading listNEW ORLEANS The state is launching an internal inquiry and has turned over records to federal investigators in response to questions raised by a WWL TV Eyewitness Investigation.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Praveen claimed to take what amounts to just 13 days off from Small Rental the whole year, at a cost to the state of nearly $400,000.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Some of Lago's employees worked full time on the Small Rental inspections. But some others who billed under that program were really working on other projects; private projects for the Kailases, and even other public jobs, including ones run by the same state agency that runs Small Rental.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

The family, who, like Jindal, is a longtime part of the small Indian community in south Louisiana, also provided space in the Regions Bank tower in Metairie to Jindal three gubernatorial campaigns rent free, through in kind donations. They also threw in free food and beverages for campaign parties.

That a federally funded program that state launched in 2007 to help small time landlords restore affordable rental units. It got off to a terrible start, but has picked up in the last few years and has now helped restore more than 5,000 units across south Louisiana.

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

Nike Cortez Grey And Black

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