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The Legislature commissioned the investigation after it passed SF104.

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Lubnau told lawmakers in the email that there were three options in dealing with the matter: Do nothing, empanel a committee or call a special session of the Legislature.

The committee process could allow lawmakers to call upon interviewees to testify, according to the email. The committee could also subpoena for an additional 5,800 pages of documents that have been classified by investigators as "confidential."

The inquiry team assembled by the governor cost taxpayers $100,000 and came out of state Attorney General Greg Phillips' current budget, said Renny MacKay, spokesperson for Mead.

"We did this to find out what the truth is and what the department did from a management point and a fiscal point," Madden said. "If I were a member Nike Cortez Tan And Red

The legislative investigation would be a possible first step toward impeaching Hill.

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House leaders are pushing for the second option, many want the first.

In an email sent to all House Nike Classic Cortez Gym Red

Wyoming Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau wants a special legislative committee to investigate accusations that Cindy Hill mismanaged the state Department of Education's funds and staff.

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The investigation won't only cost more time, it will cost more money, Reeder said. He wasn't the only legislator with such concerns.

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of the public, I would wonder why we did all this."

lawmakers on Monday morning, Lubnau said a committee would be a "prudent, measured and careful course of action" to determine the fate of Hill, the state's elected superintendent of public instruction.

"I am opposed to empaneling a special committee to investigate, not because I don't think we could be fair and impartial, but because we will have to spend a considerable amount of time determining the parameters and procedures for such a committee to operate," Gingery wrote in an email.

The court system is best suited for determining guilt or innocence of a crime, said Rep. Keith Gingery, R Jackson, in an email.

Meanwhile, the House would be responsible for establishing the guidelines for the committee. Prior to an investigation, the House would need to decide who could testify, how to vote and other rules to help provide an impartial trial, Rep. Tom Reeder, R Casper, said in an interview with the Star Tribune.

A group of legislators think federal and state courts should be the ones investigating the allegations that Hill misused more than $40,000 in federal funds.

"What does the state gain by doing this?" Reeder said of the possible legislative special committee. "Are we going to spend more Nike Cortez Military Blue money?"

"The report, as is exists, is a summary of a series of interviews without conclusions," Lubnau wrote in his email. "On an issue this important, I believe the people of the State of Wyoming are entitled to conclusions, after an airing of the evidence."

I would LOVE to find out if we can access who uses the state plane or travels with commercial planes on the tax payers buck. Shouldn't we have that right. I'm pretty sure John Barasso's history of tourism in Israel with his wife and tons of other trips would interest the public. Or how about the conferences administration of the department of education attends. World wide? It sure would be nice if the special education wasn't in the dark ages in Cody Wy with the segregation of disabled students and the dredge program they isolate them in to get the dirty work done of trash, laundry, cleaning etc. Hill said she would help , but did NOTHING.

Lubnau said some lawmakers responded to his email with a fourth option for dealing with Hill.

Rep. Mike Madden, R Buffalo, said he was in favor of assembling a special committee but understood the public debate over how far to pursue the Hill issues.

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"I would suggest that the matter to be referred to either a state or federal prosecutor for review and possible prosecution," Gingery wrote. attorney for Wyoming, "are capable of reviewing the allegations and determining whether a crime has been committed, and bringing the appropriate action in a court of law," he wrote. Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General is currently reviewing the allegations that Hill misused federal dollars, according to a spokesman for the department.

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It certainly seems very strange that now Rep. Lubnau believes the voters need the opportunity to make their conclusions based on an airing of the evidence. Why weren't we entitled to to the same airing of evidence when the rushed SF104 through. Why couldn't he have appointed a committee to review issues with Superintendent Hll before SF104. The truth is the legislature got a mob mentality and didn't want to listen to anyone except the "good old boys." It's very possible this whole issue could have been resolved in a manner that didn't make the superintendents position a figure head position. Maybe my assumption is wrong and maybe Hill has used the jets more than Gov Mead. But my perception is the Gov is using the jets a lot and when he visits these communities via our jet, he very often attends a luncheon. So if using the jet and attending a luncheon is grounds for criminal charges our whole State government is going to Rawlins!! Lol. How does one access the logs of who flew on the jets and when? That is going to be fascinating!

A report compiled by an independent task force assembled by Gov. Matt Mead and issued last week highlighted interviews with department staffers who accused Hill of misusing federal special education funds, abusing her privileges to use the state airplane and harassing co workers while serving as head of the education department.

"I've received a smattering of emails going both ways," Lubnau told the Star Tribune on Monday.

Wyoming House speaker seeks probe of Cindy Hill's education department

Lubnau planned to announce a decision on Wednesday for the next course of action and said he expected to receive opinions on the matter until the deadline. Matt Mead, stripped Hill of her powers and made her position largely a ceremonial one.

The House passed the law by a vote of 39 20 with one member excused.

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