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Sorensen co founded Flibe Energy about a year ago with a mission to establish a reactor in the United States. can't afford to lose the thorium race.

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

Sorensen said his project is still in the conceptual stages, and there are still potential regulatory issues to be worked out. He said the project will be expensive to get off the ground, but any investment pays off in the long Nike Cortez Nm Men's term, as thorium potentially usurps hydrocarbons.

Sorensen also said a thorium reactor isn't as prone to meltdowns as nuclear reactors. And although it produces some waste, it doesn't create plutonium, curium and other potentially harmful radioactive products.

"It relieves you of the burden of having to be next to water," he said. "Areas that are rather remote are possible."

A Thorium Reactor as in LFTR is as dangerous as a pot of Nike Cortez Forrest Gump Og

Among the advantages of using liquid fluoride thorium reactors rather than uranium reactors, he said, are the element's abundance in the United States, including Nike Cortez Suede Grey

Most nuclear plants require large supplies of water for cooling. But a thorium reactor, he said, could run using a gas to air heat exchanger instead, making arid Wyoming a possible fit.

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

an untainted future vision will utilise more common sense technologies until we can import LFTR's from China as we are missing the chances of developing them anywhere else. Thorium 232 has a half life of 14 billion years (billions, not millions). Thorium 232 is also highly radiotoxic, with the same amount of radioactivity of uranium and thorium, thorium produces a far higher dose in the body. If someone inhaled an amount of thorium the bone surface dose is 200 times higher than if they inhaled the same amount of uranium. Thorium also requires longer spent fuel storage than uranium. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Name calling, crude language and personal abuse are not welcome. Moderators will monitor comments with an eye toward maintaining a high level of civility in this forum. Our comment policy explains the rules of the road for registered commenters.

Members of the task force approached Sorensen's presentation with guarded optimism.

Kirk Sorensen claims a person can literally hold a lifetime's supply of power in his or her hand.

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

"Thorium will become the world's dominant energy source," he said. "This will be the most important development in the 21st century."

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

The reactor itself would be about the size of a semitrailer and would be buried in the ground. The initial setup would cost "hundreds of millions" to build, but Sorensen said he's confident private parties will provide enough funding.

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Nike Cortez Nm Men's

Wyoming, the reactor's ability to produce in remote areas and high efficiency.

Wyoming nuclear task force hears thorium reactor plan

"Hopefully we can make some progress in that direction," said state Sen. Chris Rothfuss, D Laramie.

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Nike Cortez Nm Men's

The task force encouraged Sorensen to make contact with the Idaho National Lab, which is nearly finished with a hybrid energy study commissioned by the state Legislature.

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Presenting to the Wyoming Task Force for Nuclear Energy Production via phone late last week, Sorensen touted the benefits of thorium a possible competitor for uranium in energy production.

consume nearly all the thorium used to create energy uranium powered reactors consume less than one percent and thereby create less waste.

The reactor, as proposed by Sorensen, carries another major advantage that could make it a realistic option for Wyoming the ability to operate in remote areas.

Sorensen, president and chief technologist of Huntsville, Ala. based Flibe Energy, told the task force Thursday that his company is looking to establish a liquid fluoride thorium reactor in the United States within the next decade, with Wyoming a possible location.

pumpkin soup. It makes my heat bleed to see how our ideologically blinded politicians are dismantling some countries wealth and economic advantages; how well trained engineers and scientist don't speak up and rebel against this incredible green waste of tax money. For the normal citizen looking at the latest electrical power bills, it should have become plainly obvious that our politicians failed us. I hope that people with Nike Cortez White Gold

"This is too important a technology to yield to another nation," he said. "They're running and we're sitting on the bench."

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

He said the naturally occurring element and common byproduct of rare earths mining is three times as abundant as the uranium used to fuel modern nuclear power plants and 200 times more efficient. He added that thorium reactors

Nike Cortez Nm Men's

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