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That's a problem for some Wyoming lawmakers.

Educational standards should be insulated from politics and science especially should not bend to the will of politicians, she said.

"Right now, we're just up in the air," Micheli said Thursday.

In a release Monday, the group said the state needs to include more parents and community members who are not teachers in the standards writing process.

What is taught in math or science should not be swayed by public opinion, Gosar said. Removing the Next Generation Science Standards from the state board's options does not help the state board do its job, he said.

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Nine states and the District of Columbia have so far adopted the standards, which were finalized in 2013.

Wyoming blocks new science standards

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The Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy board would have considered the committee's suggestions and brought them back to the board to start a public comment period as early as the end of March, he said.

"I don't accept, personally, that [climate change] is a fact," Micheli said. "[The standards are] very prejudiced in my opinion against fossil fuel development."

For Pete Gosar, that's not a reason to avoid teaching good science.

The footnote was effective immediately upon Mead's signature last week, Teeters said. He expects the state board will start over in its science standards revision process, which began more than a year ago. He said the footnote only prohibits the state from adopting the Next Generation Science Standards as they are now. It doesn't prohibit the state board from adopting certain parts of the standards or using them as a framework to write their own.

"[The standards] handle global warming as settled science," said Rep. "There's all kind of social implications Nike Classic Cortez White Black

The board did not adopt the standards.

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Marguerite Herman, a lobbyist for the Wyoming League of Women Voters who followed the education debate in the legislative session, said the Legislature overstepped its bounds by influencing which standards its state board could consider.

What are the standards?

Instead, board members asked the committee to revise the standards to present climate change as a theory, instead of a fact, and to present the benefits mineral extraction has brought Wyoming, Micheli said.

Teeters disagreed that the Legislature overstepped its bounds.

Members of the nonprofit group Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core celebrated the footnote prohibiting the science standards.

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Before the budget footnote passed, a committee of about 30 science specialists unanimously recommended the state board of education adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.

He said the state board's standards adoption process should include more citizen input and should emphasize less content specific standards.

as fact would wreck Wyoming's economy, as the state is the nation's largest energy exporter, and cause other unwanted political ramifications.

"They've reached out Nike Cortez Mens White And Red

"We set their budget," Teeters said. "We control what they do."

Micheli, the state board of education chairman, agreed.

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Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy

Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy

from their lawmaking branch of government and . arbitrarily said, 'This thing over here is out of bounds,'" Herman said.

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Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy

Teeters said teaching global warming Nike Classic Cortez 15 Nylon Sneaker

Wyoming lawmakers blocked a new set of nationalscience standards, but a week after Gov. Matt Mead signed off on the change, education advocates are still digesting what the action means for the state.

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involved in that that I don't think would be good for Wyoming."

"Over the last few years in Wyoming, we've injected politics into education time and again and it has been less than successful," said Gosar, a member of the state board of education and chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party. "And so here we go again."

Legal teams from the state board of education, the Wyoming Department of Education and the Legislative Service Office are ferreting out the footnote's intent, state board Chairman Ron Micheli said.

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