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Nike Cortez Og Grey

recede and we believe the G20 leaders must not let that happen."

Nike Cortez Og Grey

Nike Cortez Og Grey

The group's general secretary, Guy Ryder, and Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday to relay the message.

leaders ahead of summit to think beyond business

The confederation, which represents 176 million union workers around the globe, will also meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia's Kevin Rudd and other world leaders during the upcoming summits in Ontario.

Nike Cortez Og Grey

Nike Cortez Og Grey

Nike Cortez Og Grey

In fact a large part of the confederation's second World Congress, entitled "Now The People," will look at the global economic crisis and how the congress believes leaders should proceed.

"I take away from the meeting his repeated phrase and I welcome it that between fiscal consolidation and job creation, he said 'it's a balancing act,"' he said on the first day of the congress.

Georgetti told reporters at a news conference Monday at the opening of the gathering that global leaders need to take more than just finance into account.

´╗┐World unions warn G20 Nike Cortez Outfit Men

"Working people are angered by the cause of the crisis and feel a deep sense of injustice at the massive suffering it has brought," says the resolution.

"They know that they've, in fact, been the victims of this greed," she said. "People lost their jobs, they lost working hours, the lost pension entitlements, in many cases they lost their homes."

Ryder said they worry as the problem appears to ease for certain financial institutions and on world markets.

Leaders of the International Trade Union Confederation, which is holding its world congress in Vancouver ahead of the summits in Ontario later this week, say they will tell international leaders that there won't be economic recovery without jobs.

Nike Cortez Og Grey

"The initial impetus and imperative for regulation is going to Nike Cortez Womens Ebay

Nike Cortez Og Grey

a "loud peaceful voice" on Toronto's streets on Saturday.

Nike Cortez Og Grey

"They've ignored them for too long and the results, as we've seen in the last 20 25 months, have been stark and startling," Georgetti said.

Ryder said global economic recovery is extremely fragile and unemployment levels are still far too high.

And if the message doesn't get through to world leaders through dialogue, Georgetti said union workers will be Nike Men's Cortez Basic Nylon Retro Sneaker

Georgetti said he told Harper that the way the federal government characterizes the fee as a bank tax gave him a way out, to argue that Canada's banks weren't part of the problem.

The confederation believes some kind of financial transaction tax is essential, but Harper has aggressively opposed such a tax.

Delegates at the conference will debate a resolution demanding deep reform to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.

Nike Cortez Og Grey

Sharan Burrow, ITUC president, said working people around the world are angry about this financial crisis developed by the corporate sector.

"I likened it to the BP oil spill in the gulf. This would be like letting BP start drilling the day after they had that spill," he said. "We're always taught, and should expect, that if you Nike Cortez Og Grey make a mess you have to clean it up."

Nike Cortez Og Grey

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