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This March was, in fact, the second hottest March in 118 years, less than 1 degree cooler Nike Cortez Leather White/Green

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Wyoming community survives one of driest years in a century

Wilson grows hay and would sell some to Thomas if he could, but he can't even produce enough to supply his normal buyers.

When times get tough, ranchers make jokes.

"They will say, 'Just give me three more days, I'll be done in three days,'" Oliver said. "I feel for them, but you got to stay within the box."

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"That's about 24 percent of average for May," Nicholson said. "So you have typically the highest precipitation month only getting about 24 percent of normal; that's pretty bad, pretty low."

In Wyoming, water rights come with the land and stay with the land. The first settlers claimed rights, often at the end of the stream, in the more fertile, flat areas. Those who followed grabbed the next ones.

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Regulating water on a creek like Horseshoe can take 14 hours a day for a week or 10 days before it's all settled.

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Fire trucks now ferry water to the cemetery each week and pump it into the well. Sprinklers water the trees to keep them from dying. Caretakers gave up on the grass.

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Some are town people: Engling was a farmer in Kansas and then Glendo before he retired; Gene Robbins taught fighter jet mechanics in Saudi Arabia.

growers. This year isn't normal.

When water starts to trickle, the first water right owner calls Oliver and he starts shutting people down. That's when things get rough.

In 30 years of regulating water, people have tried bribing, threatening, pleading and simply lying to Oliver. The state water regulator let the threats and insults roll off him. Someone has to divvy up the water and all he can do is be fair.

"What else is there to do?" Wilson said.

They drink bottomless cups of coffee and come and go depending on their schedules.

This wouldn't do, not in June. Some small critters could find a bit of green hidden under the blanket of brown, but nothing remained for cows. People in the cattle business already felt the pain and started selling their animals out of desperation.

That's how people like the Wilsons ended up about halfway down the list of about the 15 or so water users on Horseshoe Creek.

This summer is past the point of hoping for many southeast Wyoming ranchers. They are just trying to survive Nike Cortez Forrest Gump

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Normally, it grows half a foot or so, then dries and browns. This year the grass stopped at a couple of inches, stunted by lack of water and beaten down by relentless wind.

Others, like Willie Thomas and Wilson, own pieces of patchwork land outside of town.

Thomas keeps horses and steers. Normally, he buys hay for feed from local Nike Cortez Anti Fur

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Engling and Wilson sat around a long table in Micke's Family Restaurant in Glendo, population 211. to talk about weather, crops and animals, among other things. These days talk has been of the drought, and they've been joking.

He's not sure his regular supplier will have any for him. In fact, he's not sure anyone around will have extra hay. He may have to buy from out of state and truck it to his place not a cheap option.

than 1910, according to Christopher Nicholson, director of the Water Resources Data System Wyoming State Climate Office.

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GLENDO The grass was too short for June.

None of the men at Micke's Family Restaurant could remember 1966. A bad flood hit the year before; perhaps the town was still recovering.

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This one they, and their kids, will remember.

"I saw Doug yesterday, I asked him why he was here, there wasn't any water to check," Thomas said, referring to Doug Oliver, the local water commissioner.

Wilson, 80, and his son, Britt, are mostly hay growers. They can't sell off to Nike Cortez Og Nylon Red make up for losses. All they can do is tighten their belts and look for any drop of water. Horseshoe Creek still flows through his property, but he can only watch his ranch's lifeblood run downstream. Other people have rights to that water. They need it as much as he does.

The problem is twofold: Plenty of snow fell in the mountains, only it melted faster than anyone could use it.

Then no rain fell. May should have been the wettest month; average precipitation for the Glendo area is 2.5 inches, just enough to grow something in Wyoming's arid fields. This May, a little more than half an inch fell on Glendo.

in the second driest year in 118 years; a year so dry even the cemetery well gave up.

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