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Free French Underground had someway orchestrated his release. He was brought to a safe house, had the cast on his right arm removed and quickly decided he needed to leave Reims.

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"It was so cold up there that the blood congealed in half a minute," Katsaros said.

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At 22,000 feet, with no oxygen, Katsaros jumped out of his nearly destroyed B 17 and hoped for the best.

´╗┐WWII veteran tells story at NH Aviation Museum

Minutes later, two Nazi Me 109 fighter aircraft flew directly over Katsaros. Both pilots saluted him.

water. It wasn't long before he befriended another cell of the Free French Underground.

"I still dream about it," Katsaros said.

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While in captivity with the Gostapo, Katsaros was greeted with a pleasant suprise: The Nike Classic Cortez Women's

Soon after receiving medical attention, Katsaros was thrown onto the street after asking for food and Nike Cortez Mens Size 11

"I struggled to open the parachute," Katsaros said. "I couldn't lift my right arm."

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both of his ankles. Katsaros also broke his arm and split his head upon impact.

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"They taught me how to be a Marine," Katsaros said.

"We did a lot of damage blowing up trains and tracks," Katsaros said.

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Nike Cortez Premium Qs Desert Camo

"A lot of people have asked me about the German pilots," Katsaros said. "Up in the air, it was kill or be killed, but if you were on the ground, (the Luftwaffe) protected you."

Crews of B 17s routinely endured temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees below zero at altitudes of more than Nike Cortez Premium Qs Desert Camo 25,000 feet, with only an electric heated suit to protect them from the cold.

Katsaros said he was able to hear cries of agony over the noise of the cement mixer.

LONDONDERRY John Katsaros remembers the day his B 17 "Man O' War" was shot down over the skies of France like it was yesterday.

In addition to assisting resistance fighters, Katsaros began working for British Intelligence as a spy behind enemy lines in Reims. His given code name was Burgandy.

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In France, resistance fighters escorted Katsaros to a physician, who performed three operations on Katsaros in a basement hideaway underneath a clinic. The physician had wanted to cut Katsaros' right arm off. The French Resistance refused.

Meanwhile, in Katsaros' hometown of Haverhill, Mass., newspapers reported he had been "lost" somewhere over France. The airman was now officially missing in action.

As a torrent of bullets ripped through Katsaros' B 17, he was shot twice in the right arm.

A broken and battered Katsaros was taken to a nearby farmhouse in a wheelbarrow and questioned by the Gestapo for seven days. Then, with aid from the French Resistance, Katsaros escaped.

"I had to get out of Reims," Katsaros said. "I knew too much."

Katsaros' plane was the only one to reach the fighter aircraft factory in Frankfurt that day, but nonetheless, they destroyed the target. Before long, they began taking heavy fire.

"There was actually a firefight, and I was shot again in my shoulder," Katsaros said.

Four of Katsaros' fellow crew members were killed.

Katsaros' unbelievable tale of survival and endurance began during a World War II bombing mission over Frankfurt, Germany, where the Nazis were manufacturing their powerful Fw 190 propeller driven fighters.

With his mind made up, Katsaros headed for the Pyrenees Mountains, a towering range with 11,000 foot peaks between the border of then Nazi occupied France and neutral Spain.

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It was in Reims, working as a spy, that Katsaros was once again picked up by the Gestapo and taken to a makeshift jail. Outside the jail, Katsaros was greeted by a cement mixer, which ran continuously to drown out the screams of prisoners being tortured inside.

With time quickly running out, Katsaros willed his parachute open and slammed into the ground with enough force to shatter six ribs and Nike Cortez Montreal

"March 20, 1944, was a disaster," Katsaros, 92, told an enthralled audience at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire on Saturday. "It's only by the grace of God that I'm here."

It was shortly after Katsaros got his first kill, shooting down a German fighter, that his pilot said the word that no airman wants to hear: "Bail."

Today, almost 70 years later, Katsaros' right arm remains fully functioning.

Nike Cortez Premium Qs Desert Camo

Nike Cortez Premium Qs Desert Camo

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