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Wyoming likes its spot for now

rights and control its digital rights after the network takes its pick of a certain number of games (something that was unavailable in the previous contract). CBS owns the rights through the 2015 16 season, along with an option for an extension of four years.

Utah State also joined and will be ushered in next year.

When Burman met with the Star Tribune in November, he hinted that the Big East the conference San Diego State and Boise State have hitched their wagons to wasn't as stable as it once seemed.

For now, all things wait on the Broncos, who appears to be leaning back toward the conference it recently decided to leave. And if the Mountain West does reclaims Boise, it will have a good shot at getting San Diego State. And it might not stop there. Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated reported that the league is "on the offensive" with at least one non Western member of the Big East.

The Big East would be wise to please Boise, since the Broncos are currently considered the lynchpin of the league. If Boise State leaves, the Big East will go from bad to worse.

Multiple reports say the Big East has contacted UNLV and Fresno State to gauge their interests in joining a move that would surely be made to give Boise State incentive for sticking around.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

San Diego State officials have said time and time again that the Aztecs are committed to carrying out their plan to join the Big East. But that message might change if Boise State decides to rejoin the Mountain West. The Aztecs have an escape clause in their contract with the Big East that would allow them to leave without penalty if Boise bolts and no other team west of the Rocky Mountain range takes its spot.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Founding members BYU and Utah departed. TCU came and left, along with Boise State, who could likely come back (More on that later). Founding member San Diego State says it's gone (for now). Fresno State and Nevada joined, and Hawaii agreed to be a football only member. San Jose State and Nike Cortez Classic White/Varsity Red

Meanwhile the Mountain West is making moves to bring the Broncos back. Burman confirmed to the Star Tribune on Friday that Boise State has been in conversations with the Mountain West for some time, and the thought of coming back might have just gotten better for the Broncos. The Mountain West just restructured TV contract with CBS a new agreement that allows teams to sell additional TV Nike Cortez Nylon Midnight Navy

Tom Burman sat in his court side seat on Friday and watched the Wyoming men's basketball team beat UC Santa Barbara. Behind him, reporters' eyes switched back and forth between the game and laptop screens that tracked the most recent developments in conference realignment.

"In my mind, we've got a good league," Burman said in November. "We've got schools that want to be here."

The athletic director's prediction was spot on. Shortly after, Louisville bailed on the Big East; UConn seems ready to jump ship as soon as possible. Then the Big East took another hit when its seven Catholic non football playing members, separated in mid December. And now the current Big East is not the conference Boise State and San Diego State signed on with.

Wyoming clearly does. UW knows its best, and very likely only, option is the Mountain West. The school is content where it sits something increasingly rare in today's realm of conference change.

While the Big East may have talked with UNLV and Fresno State, those talks most likely went nowhere, not with Boise State still undecided. Gilliand also told the Idaho Statesman all 10 teams currently in the Mountain West are committed to the conference.

Wyoming, along with five of the Mountain West's other founding members still a part of the league (Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico and UNLV), has watched plenty of change since 1999.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Asked for his take on the news, rumors and speculation surrounding his league, the Wyoming athletic director stayed mum. Instead Burman took the same wait and watch stance he had about the basketball game that played out in front of him at Laramie's Arena Auditorium.

ESPN has reported that Boise State wants rights to all of its home games. Whether or not the Big East or Mountain West will fork them over could influence the Broncos' decision on whether to stay on its path to the Big East or come back to the Mountain West, a course of reversal that would be a major blow to the Big Nike Cortez Red And Gold East and a potential game changer for other realignment.

All these possibilities, all pending, none concrete, are what Burman passed on talking about Friday. He had said before he believes the Mountain West is strong. If it gets stronger, he would be in favor of that. In the mean time, Wyoming will remain loyal to the Mountain West, wait and hope for the best.

For better or worse, Wyoming will adapt with changes to the Mountain West

just the background. Recent developments have caused more of a stir.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

"There is no doubt UConn and Louisville are making every effort they can to get out of the Big East," Burman said at the time. "When that happens, I think Boise State and San Diego State are going to have to regroup and decide: Do they continue on that path as they say they are going to?"

Through it all Wyoming an original Mountain West member who has shown no interest in leaving the league and received no known invitations to do so seems content to simply hold on and weather the storm.

"The benefit is that it gives us some flexibility to sub license games to other national carriers and do some things creatively, which can help position us in this whole membership carousel," Mountain West deputy commissioner Brett Gilliland told the Idaho Statesman this week.

Recent reports have depicted the Mountain West as a conference on the verge of being poached for its teams (again) to a conference that is on the brink of taking back what was theirs (and potentially more) and becoming the best non BCS league in the country.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

That's all that's known for sure right now. But there's plenty of possibilities for what could come next.

Nike Cortez Red And Gold

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