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Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

"It will save us money," he said.

"They don't have to pay if they quit," he said.

If the tax increases pass, up to 60 percent of tobacco sales could be either from illegal or counterfeit products, said Mike Moser, executive director of the Wyoming State Liquor Association.

Supporters and dissenters butt heads on whether the tax is a user fee or a regressive tax.

Wyoming spends $136 million on health care costs directly related to smoking each year, Mincer said.

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

Filer said that when he was in public school in Arizona, there were programs to educate young students on Nike Cortez Trainers Mens the dangers of tobacco. Half of the money generated from his legislation would go to substance abuse programs and tobacco prevention programs in schools. The other half would go to the state's general fund, he said.

Remind me again why we vote Republican? They're better on taxes? Wyoming's GOP has no problem raising taxes yet balks at true user pay funding streams like a lotto or resist extra taxes on extractive industries. They sit on so called "rainy day" accounts, yet can't or won't define what a rainy day looks like. Gas taxes and tobacco taxes affect poor people the most. Let's say Mr. Filer and Mr. Gay realize their dream of everyone quitting tobacco where will the revenues to fund their precious government come from then? Of course you know the answer.

Jason Mincer, government relations director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Wyoming lawmakers propose two tobacco tax increases

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

CHEYENNE Some Wyoming lawmakers are proposing to raise the taxes on a pack of smokes and a can of chew.

"What we're dealing with is a shortfall on health care funding," Gay said. "The bill is designed to fund Medicaid, which is a program a lot of these folks who use these products are eligible for."

Filer said the tax increase would not only provide new revenue to the state, it would also create a fund to start a tobacco awareness program for schools in the state.

"Addiction is price driven," he said. "And they're going to get that product out of Wyoming. I call it the law of diminishing returns. It's when taxes are raised so high, you drive demand out of Wyoming."

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

The other alternative is buying products across state lines, he said.

going to the reservation. They start going online. They go to other places."

Moser said the tax is not a user fee. "It's a regressive tax," he said.

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

With all of the state's penny pinching and budget cutting, the taxes would come at a time when lawmakers are desperately looking for new revenue sources to fund programs such as Medicaid. One proposal is a $1 hike that would increase current tax rates to $1.60 per pack of cigarettes.

of its citizens and curtail its state budget and tax burden to its citizens," said Cortez Nike Original

"This is not a time to pass a tax on hard working Wyomingites," Moser said.

Moser said Wyomingites will now drive to Colorado for lottery tickets, marijuana and, if the tax hike passes, cigarettes.

"Most people I talk to who use tobacco don't want their children to use tobacco," he said. "But we still won't educate our children on the cons of using tobacco. So why not do it?"

Rep. Gerald Gay, R Casper, is the principal sponsor of the bill. It has yet to be assigned a committee, but Gay said there are sponsors from both chambers of the Legislature endorsing the bill. Advocates say the tax would raise $22.34 million annually.

He's generally opposed to user taxes. But Gay said he supports this one because of its nature.

Cigarettes won't be the only tobacco product facing a tax hike. Rep.

"The bottom line is that Wyoming needs to reduce tobacco use rates to improve the lives Cortez Nylon

"If you have a state like Idaho that's tax is 57 cents a pack, and Wyoming will go to ($1.60), that's about $6 less per carton," Moser said. "So people start Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

"But they're increasing taxes," Moser said.

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

If the wyo. state legislature would wake up and pass the bill to have the lottery, they wouldnt to worry about finding other ways to find supporting things, such as medicaid, road repa, etc. They spend more time money of the taxpayers money, than necessary. Nebraska has a lot better Hwys. and there Interstates are well maintained, since, they have the revenue from the lottery to support whatever need is needed. When ever I go to a state that has the lottery, i buy tickets which is supporting them.

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

Every time the state raises the price of any tobacco product, the usage goes down, Filer said. Wyoming has the third highest rate of smokeless tobacco use in the country, he said. The rate of smokeless tobacco use among high school males is 24.7 percent, nearly double the 12.8 percent national average.

A user fee is a term people use so they don't have to say they're increasing taxes, he said.

Tobacco money has bailed us out before, Gay said.

Mincer said it isn't a regressive tax if people don't buy the product.

Nike Cortez Trainers Mens

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