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As long as you don care if someone goes in and strips the place Nike Cortez Nm Prem Yoth Qs

down, removes all appliances, sinks, cabinets, mirrors, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, pulls wires out of walls, and carpet pulled from the floors, etc. I think it a great idea! Because they Nike Cortez Trainers Sale all honest people and the stolen ID they send are good collateral. When I first heard about this technique I thought it was crazy. It allowed me to get a lot more showings and rent the house a lot faster I think. Now, I didn just let everyone in that called. I know there is no way to judge someone over the phone but I let people in that were well spoken and sounded serious and usually female. I know I shouldn judge but anyone that called me with a hint of "slang" of any sorts I did not let in. I recognize there are plenty of well spoken people that aren worth one red cent too. I told them it was the contractor lock box and they were in and out all day. I changed the lockbox combo each nite. Didn have any problems except with lights and fans left on sometimes. The lockbox is good to have because serious renters seem to want to see the inside of the property more than once on different days. I certainly would not do it in a war zone area though. I not sure if I will do it again but I will have the lock box there for second viewers. I also change all locks out before a tenant moves in.

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Any Realtor worth a Cortez Womens

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

I think we all agree that we wouldn pay a PM company to do this for us though!"Real Solutions for Real People"

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Also, there was a guy on here a while back pitching his system of paying a dollar and getting a key code to look at a house unsupervised. I posted on here about the conversation I had with my friend. He has a GF at work. They are both married to other people. He is always looking for locations for lunchtime hookups. He would gladly pay $1 for access to a vacant house. I asked the pitchman how he would handle that and he didn respond.

I throw a fit over the guy that does that by phone and fax, no telling who they are. I certainly not do the auto pilot thing either.

I would be afraid of the professional squatter moving in and then lawyering up. You might have to deal with a lengthy eviction.

have meet them.

flip shows a property and when they are done, checks the property to ensure it locked up, that the back door wasn left unlocked, etc.

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Even in Mike Butler book, he said he had a guy move in once with his key system. The guy moved out without incident, but it could have been a nightmare. I would find a different PM. If this one cuts this corner, what other lazy habits will you find out about later?

A prospective tenant has little motivation to ensure your property is locked up. They may unlock a window and call a buddy for what ever they can pull out. You never be ablse to prove who left that window open! That nuts! :)

´╗┐Would you allow unsupervised showings from a lockbox

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

I personally have put lockboxes on rentals but only let people with agents go in without me, or someone I Nike Classic Cortez Vintage Khaki

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Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

I guess I be the contrarian here. For what it worth, I regularly do vacant lockbox on my rentals and it never been a problem. For me, it simply a risk/reward analysis. My time is simply too valuable to waste going around showing the units. I been doing it for years and I never had a problem with it. Yes, someone could come in and strip the fixtures and a/c unit and whatever else, but this is a risk that comes whenever a unit goes vacant. Frankly, I think it way more risky to put a "For Rent" sign outside a vacant rental, as this advertises to criminals that no one home. (I never put a sign out.) Anyone can scope out your rental and come back and loot it later. I suppose at some point I may get bit in the butt for doing this but even if that happens the amount of time and management fees I saved over the years will make it well worth it. Huge caveat, I generally buy decent houses that rent around 1000 1300/month. I probably would not do this if I was in a really rough part of town. Also, I would never pay a property manager to put a vacant lockbox. That just ridiculous.

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Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Clearly most of us come down on it is to risky, but that is something we all need to decide.

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

Nike Cortez Trainers Sale

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