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´╗┐Worshiping At the Altar of Cap Rates

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not worth receiving $50,000 less in appreciation or having an ancient property on your hands or having virtually no buyer demand when you need it most. Is there anyone not in agreement with that?

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Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon

The lesson here is simple: What in text books and what you find in real life aren the same. (Stop, I wanna write that gem down.) High cap rates in a book are cool. Yes, I rather have the property in chapter 5 of How To Be a Successful Real Estate Investor, no doubt.

Remember the idea is to grow your capital. A few thousand bucks over a 5 year hold period is just Cortez Nike On Feet

Guess which city has higher quality tenants, lower cap rates, better appreciation, and higher tenant and investor demand? Duh. We consider that question rhetorical.

Put another way, it would be the cash on cash return if you paid cash for the property. Most of the time it a relatively misleading, sometimes dangerous way to make your final decision to buy or pass. Using cap rates to buy properties is like playing hopscotch in a minefield not recommended. This would be mostly for small to mid size properties.

We don higher appreciation, we research, apply our expertise, and make a prudent judgment call. example? Use your own, local low income area. um, will not

Think about location for a minute. Do you live where you want to live, or where you have to live? If the deciding factor was financial, and you living where you want to live, where did you avoid?

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Many Texas duplexes, town homes, etc. will too maybe even Womens Nike Cortez Sneakers

better. The rent/price ratio is probably far more critical. And yeah, I realize that contributes to the cap rate, so don have a coronary. Still, the lower the tenant quality, the higher the management costs. Much of what you think you gaining in cash flow you giving back in increased operating costs. Those insisting on diving into high cap rates and cash flow when their agenda is primarily capital growth, soon realize how cold the water real is. I been there, and it no fun. Turns out one of the unintended consequences of chasing high cap rates is dealing with higher operating costs, lower appreciation rates, and huge management time whether you do it yourself or simply monitor a pro. Oh, and a brisk reality check!

Read almost any real estate investment book and there be a chapter or two paying homage to the almighty capitalization rate cap rate. First, let ensure we all on the same page here. What is a cap rate Nike Cortez Leather Shoes

Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon

Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon

In San Diego we have a perfectly good area in the East County, an incorporated city called El Cajon. Half of their population rent. The rent is far lower for comparable property than the contiguous city of La Mesa. La Mesa is a popular place to live, and has been for as long as I lived in San Diego 1967. El Cajon on the other hand, at least for renters, is the option of choice only because their rents are far lower than can be found in La Mesa.

Here why false assumptions abound.


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Isn that backwards? Yep so stop it. It makes no sense in real life to buy properties in obviously inferior locations so you can point to high cap rates and marginally increased rent/price ratios. In the end, most of the so called high cap rates turn out in hindsight to have been mythical when the rubber hit the road anyway.

I wholeheartedly agree with the investor who took me to task that high cap rates on preferred to low. That said, only when they taken in the context of superior locations to begin with does it become a real life decision.

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I buy a block of duplexes in a growth region which allows for leverage, fixed rate debt service, quality tenants, and a break even or better (preferably better of course) from Day 1.

Not long ago I had an investor from another state take me to task for poopooing cap rates as decision makers for small to medium investment properties sometimes even large ones. His point was that the cash flow is better, so why not build in your analytical bias for higher cap rates? If that was all there was to it, his point would be well made. The problem though, is the insistence of the real world on sticking in its ugly head. to those in high demand/lower cap rate areas. regardless of the cap rate. is what I avoid like the plague. Remember, in this discussion I going for capital growth, not cash flow, though frankly my argument works for cash flow as well in most cases. In times like the present, going for cash flow in high cap areas can have a very nasty boomerang affect. cap rates are of course higher compared to Beverly Hills as most folks live in the relatively low rental rate areas cuz they have to, and in areas with mansions cuz they have the choice financially.

They virtually don exist and haven since I was born. They simply aren worth the trouble. Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon And in the end, the appreciation is terrible when compared to the so called inferior cap rates elsewhere. They selling at higher cap rates (lower prices) for a reason. Ask yourself why until it hits ya.

Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon

Fairly simple and straightforward it the percentage resulting from your Net Operating Income (NOI) divided by your total cost of acquisition.

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Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Amazon

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