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According to Wyoming Supreme Court rules, an application for rehearing may be filed within 15 days of the court's decision.

Hill said Wednesday she doesn't know when she will return to the department.

Hill questions whether such an accountability system can adequately take into account the individuality of students and teachers.

Hill has advocated against such a waiver, saying it would bring unwanted federal mandates. Department of Education.

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With Cindy Hill slated to return to work running the Wyoming Department of Education, the agency could face some significant policy shifts, months after it headed in a very different direction.

Hill said Wednesday she has no major policy shifts planned yet for her arrival back at the Wyoming Department of Education, which she and several staff members vacated shortly after Senate File 104 became law nearly a year ago.

A state Supreme Court decision Tuesday called unconstitutional the law that removed Hill from the job a year ago. The law had left her with the elected title of superintendent of public instruction, but few of her previous duties.

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boss will return.

Hill's concerns on teacher evaluations were echoed by several lawmakers on the Select Committee on Education Accountability during a meeting in Newcastle last fall. Lawmakers grappled with how to tie student performance to teacher evaluations without discouraging teacher innovation.

Lawmakers questioned Hill's compliance in implementing the Wyoming Education Accountability Act, a law tasking the Department of Education with developing its own accountability system to comply with federal No Child Left Behind mandates. The Legislature's unease with Hill's efforts to implement the act sparked some of the controversy that led a special House committee to investigatealleged wrongdoing during Hill's time at the department.

against Sup't Hiil, I also question your charges towards her accusers or not. Cheyenne media has too bad of a reputation state wide to take the words of Cheyenne media outlets as well.; In the meantime, the people of Wyoming [at least most of the public] are not interested in dirty laundry but, a sound running government. For this reason I excuse Gov Mead from his actions with legislation delivered to him. Secretary Hill was offended and needs to get a grip, just like the Legislators that began this "witch hunt" need to focus on supporting the people's will. And if the problem is Legislature or Senate leadership? Then the legislature needs to grow up and be adult about personal issues. But please, don't throw out juicy gossip without verifiable points you want to make. Otherwise, it becomes nothing but "gossip". We get too much of that in these threads without one more.

Nike Cortez Vintage White

Nike Cortez Vintage White

Crandall has said his guiding philosophy is to "implement with integrity" whatever the Legislature passes. Department of Education to relieve public schools of some of the strictest consequences of No Child Left Behind, which demands every student be proficient in every subject by 2014. Department of Education approved Wyoming's request tofreeze rising proficiency targetsfor one year.

Wyoming Education Department would face policy shifts

Honestly, I am so sick and tired from this common cores situation. It has already caused so much mess and it seems like this never going to stop. It has not even been tested and such change is too big for our education sector nowadays, so it is better to make some less big changes). And now I am reading this post. With that same thought in mind, do you have proof of what you're saying against any particular Legislators? Cause if you don't, with all due respect, you become part of the problem and not part of the solution. In the very same way I questioned charges Nike Cortez Ultra Breathe Trainer

A moderate Republican from Arizona, Crandall has said it is "critical" that Wyoming successfully implement the common core state standards in reading and math adopted here in 2012.

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"We're continuing to do what we do until we find out otherwise," he said.

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"Hopefully very soon," Hill said.

"I'm looking forward to reviewing what has been taking place in my absence," Hill Nike Cortez Vintage White said. "I'm really focusing on the children, more so, versus focusing on the department. We all need to focus on the children, the work."

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a statewide test aligned to what teachers are teaching. As of last year, the state's Performance Assessment for Wyoming Students was not fully aligned with standards being taught in Wyoming classrooms. Under Crandall, the Department of Education became a voting member of a federally funded group of states developing a test based on the common standards. Wyoming has not decided whether to use any test the national group creates.

Hill's governor appointed replacement as director of the department, Rich Crandall, differed from Hill in several key policy areas. A switch back to Hill's leadership could trigger even more change at a department reeling from years of political turmoil.

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There's no timeline for when that analysis will be finalized, MacKay said, and the state has made no decision about whether to file for a rehearing of the case.

"We're still awaiting that analysis by the attorney general before making any decisions," he said.

"Bowing to pressure to use a common or uniform assessment may minimize the values we intended to promote, as such values may not be included within broader assessments or may have only a minor role," Hill wrote in her 2013 state school quality report, one of several duties the Legislature granted her under Senate File 104, the bill passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Matt Mead that rewrote her job description last year.

"To evaluate a teacher on how well their students are performing on any given test right now, I think is not fair or just," Hill told the Star Tribune Wednesday. "There's no test that tells us how well a teacher teaches."

That includes, he said, Nike Cortez Og Premium Qs

Nike Cortez Vintage White

Crandall, who has led the department since August, declined to comment for this story.

The state is waiting for analysis from the Wyoming Attorney General about the Supreme Court ruling's implications, said Renny MacKay, a spokesman for Mead.

Tom Lacock, a spokesman for the Wyoming Department of Education, said work will go on at the agency despite not knowing when its former Gold Nike Cortez

Hill has questioned the value of the common core state standards and has criticized such a uniform national assessment.

Without the freeze in targets or a waiver, even Wyoming's top performing schools would have been labeled as failing and could face sanctions under the current federal system.

Nike Cortez Vintage White

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