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week ago, in an extensive interview they mentioned that to provide a consistent interface across so many platforms we ended up porting our own version of webkit. And now the Chaos Monkey. It's amazing how technically sound they are considering they were just an online DVD rental company at the start.

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Now, about 20 servers will fail every year, leaving ten million files un backed Nike Cortez White Gold up for three days. But the chance that the remaining server of that pair will fail during that time is 3/3650 = 0.08%. But if you divide the files that will be lost once every 60 years (ten million) by the 60 years, you get about 170 thousand files lost per year. (Without replacement.) When a server fails (remember, 20 times a year), there's about a one in six chance that another server will fail in the three days before it's replaced. When that happens, every three or four months, a random number of files will be lost about 10 million / 200, or about fifty thousand files, for a total data loss of about 170 thousand files a year. In effect, instead of having 100 server pairs to store files on, you have 19,900 partition pairs, each partition consisting of 0.5% of a server. That isn't generally the case. If we had a lot of half megawatt nuclear reactors scattered around the landscape instead of a handful of ten gigawatt reactors, it's likely that each reactor would receive a lot less human attention to keep it in good repair. When it threatened to melt down, there wouldn't be a team of 200 experienced guys onsite to fight the problem. There would be a lot more shipments of fuel, and therefore a lot more opportunities for shipments of fuel rods to crash or Navy Blue Nike Cortez Shoes

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I would think you'd have to run it on production for its results to be truly worthwhile.

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There's nothing "just" about it. From day 1, they were handling real people's money, and moving real physical items around. They were not a typical web company which is really just a website with Adwords.

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how much risk/pain you are willing to accept while your systems are designed to adapt to it.

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Netflix is turning out to be my favourite tech company. Just a Nike Cortez Lite Txt Navy Blue Sneakers

´╗┐Working with the Chaos Monkey

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The Guiness World record for most steps in a Rube Goldberg device was just set at a competition at Purdue University. The device has 244 steps to water a flower! Now, if you saw the Mythbusters' Christmas episode with the Rube Goldberg device, you know it's really hard to make all those steps go right. But in this one, the engineers used a "hammer test": at any point during the operation of the machine, an engineer could tap the side with a hemmer. If it screwed up, that stage was redesigned. Does anyone know which is correct?

be hijacked. And so we'd know which design elements were most likely to fail in practice, and how to do evacuation and decontamination most effectively. Many citizens of strong nation states in Europe have never lived through a war in their country, leading them to think of deaths by violence as a highly unusual phenomenon. But strong nation states also create much bigger and more destructive wars. It is not clear that the citizens of, say, Germany are at less risk of death by violence than the citizens of much weaker states such as Micronesia or Brazil, where murder rates are higher.

Here is an erlang version of the chaos monkey: potential_victim(Minions) fun (Pid) not(pman_process:is_system_process(Pid))

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