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Political affairs specialist John Stall spoke with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne about the past year and upcoming initiatives in a one on one interview on Monday.

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Nike Cortez White Team Red

Stall spoke with Wynne about a range of issues from moving ahead in the spring on a regional transit plan to her view of the Canada Pension Plan.

Guess how much this is going to cost and how well it will work?

The Liberals shouldn be wasting their time or ours on this issue at this time. They should get their house in order first. We don need another Solution like air ambulances, EHealth, cancelled gas plants, general mismanagement of Electricity and huge deficits They have already increased taxes during their mandate despite promises not to and they want to increase more taxes for transit. At least the federal Conservatives understand the impact this would have to the economy and are making a prudent decision based on what the taxpayers and economy can afford currently. If the Liberals ever decide to cut some of their crazy spending to reduce the deficits then they could eventually look at pension changes.

Nike Cortez White Team Red

Nike Cortez White Team Red

Wynne said she doesn think the plan provides enough money for people who haven been able Nike Cortez Hipster

Nike Cortez White Team Red

Nike Cortez White Team Red

amount of 12,000 a year isn enough, in her view.

to save enough on their own.

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To think that some scrooges have a PROBLEM with making sure the elderly have food and shelter shows us what we have become. It will cost more if we don tackle these problems early. Just look at the traffic and transit problems as a good example.

Now, don think too hard, but out of whose pockets is this going to come from in the end? Yep, yours and mine.

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Some one has to. Harper has gutted so many social programs (including Old Age Security) built over the years its hard to keep up. He spent like a drunken sailor when he started with an excess of cash but then to cut and then more cuts after he stimulus spending of 2008.

´╗┐Wynne says Ontario will pursue pension reform since feds won

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Ontarians vote out this corrupt and incompetent government.

Wynne wouldn say how much more money she could provide in a provincial plan for pensioners, only that the current Nike Classic Cortez Leather Black

Thanks Wynne for further impairing Ontario economy. By the way, I don believe Ontarians asked you to take more of their money for CPP, which essentially is a ponzi scheme that benefits the people who aren smart enough to save (most often poor people). If they can take of their self, it not the governments job to hold onto some of their money for them. You shouldn be my nanny. I should be able to keep my money and hopefully smart enough to save it. It this kind of thinking that encourages people to not worry about saving as they figure the government will always take care of them. And the government funding them is essentially the tax payer, and I don want to subsidize stupidity. Can wait till Nike Cortez Nm Red

I really getting tired of governments botching everything they touch as we spiral downwards.

In the interview, she said the province will work alone to improve pension benefits for Ontarians, after federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said now is not the time to enhance the CPP.

would rather have the partnership of the federal government on CPP, on transit infrastructure, on the ring of fire those are all important issues where we need a federal partner. But if the federal government doesn want to work with us in partnership with CPP, we need to go ahead, Wynne said.

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So now we are going to dump more expense on the next generation. Have we not already harmed them enough? There is only one source of funds to increase or provide pensions for those that have not properly planned for their retirement money will come from those that will be working in the future. Is this fair to them? I don think so. Its time for everyone to live within their own means which includes saving for their retirement years. It also time for those employees, both Public and Private that are past age 60, to move out of the work force and Nike Cortez White Team Red make room for the next generation to move up. Both my wife and I have given up senior positions with our organizations within the past year and have retired so that others will have a fair opportunity to earn or save for their own pensions. They tell us green energy will be cheaper and create jobs, now they pay windmills NOT to generate power. They were going to make a new eHealth system that has cost billions and doesn exist. Now they want to make their own pension system.

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