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Armitage's career began during World War II when recruiters for the military visited his high school in Pennsylvania.

On Oct. 29, 1980, the 59th test flight crashed due to malfunction of the rockets according to Armitage.

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The military contracted with Lockheed to modify a C 130 Hercules to land in the soccer field Armitage estimated was about 200 yards long. The Army representative interviewed test pilots at Lockheed and chose Armitage to act as test pilot. "We were not heroes, we were just people who wanted to help get the hostages out," Armitage said.

"There were never more than about 30 test pilots," he said.

"It was a good job for me. I was always curious about what made an airplane fly and when all these new things came out how did they affect the airplane. We did things that were never done," Armitage said.

"The 59th time we crashed. There was nothing you could do about it. That was the end of getting the hostages out," he said.

"I flew just about everything Lockheed built back in the days," Nike Classic Cortez Og Leather

"Nobody got killed or anything like that. We hit so hard that both wings were broken off. We hit so hard, it drove the landing gear right up into the cockpit," he said.

rockets that would fire straight up and stop the airplane downward motion. As soon as we got on the ground we would fire rockets to stop the forward motion. It was done by flipping a switch. By doing that we could land in about 200 feet, load up the hostages and fly home," he said.

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Nike Cortez Womens Black

Nike Cortez Womens Black

Among his most exciting adventure, Armitage told of his experience on Operation Credible Sport during the Iran Hostage Crisis under Jimmy Carter's administration. After a failed attempt to free the hostages under Operation Eagle Claw, Operation Credible Sport was implemented.

Lockheed modified the C 130 with rocket engines that attached to the plane. "To get in that short field, we had to be flying that plane as slow as it could go and still have control. At 50 feet we would fire lifting rockets, Infant Nike Cortez Shoes White

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"Any new plane military or commercial or any plane that was changed had to be test flown before it went into production. Everything that was new, we tested the airplane first and then tested them to do these various missions," he said.

Armitage made the grade and joined the Air Force Nike Cortez Womens Black as a pilot in 1944. "At the time, they needed pilots so badly (the Air Force) didn't require you have a college education," he said.

At the time, Armitage said Lockheed employed 30,000 people building airplanes.

At age 20, Armitage was stationed in Montgomery, Ala., where he met 17 year old Katherline at a roller skating rink. Armitage and Katherline married Aug. 5, 1945. They have three grown daughters: Kaye, Sheri and Lisa, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

"The Iranians took all the people at the embassy captive. They Nike Cortez White Navy

Nike Cortez Womens Black

In October 1980, Armitage as airplane commander piloted 58 top secret test flights into a simulated soccer field in Florida. Every time, one of seven pilots from Special Forces that he was training accompanied the flight. "We came in over the light poles. Fifty eight times we were very successful. All of our landings were not beautiful landings but we got in," he said.

There are no regrets for Armitage.

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´╗┐WWII vet and test pilot reflects on 35 years of Air Force service Iranian hostage rescue operation

"We had the highest priority that you can get from the Defense Department to modify this C 130," he said.

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Nike Cortez Womens Black

Armitage tells a wealth of stories about his different adventures testing airplanes such as the C 130, C 141, and C 5.

released some and ended up with 52 hostages who were there for 444 days of the last part of Carter's presidency. They treated them terribly. Every night, they marched the hostages around a soccer field in Teheran," Armitage said.

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On Nov. 4, 1980, Carter lost the presidency. After Reagan was elected, all the hostages were released through negotiations in January 1981.

"I feel like the airplane had the capability of doing what we were trying to do. The men had the capability. But they rushed the program so much. It started out to be a program that we were going to get the hostages out of Iran and it slowly turned from a military operation to a political thing," he said.

"At that time, there was a shortage of pilots and navigators and aviation people. They went through our high school and gave us tests. The tests were voluntary but if you passed the test, after your 17th birthday you'd be called to active duty and right into flight school and flight training," Armitage said.

"It was a plain old soccer field with light poles going up. They were marching the hostages around and around (the soccer field) every night," he said.

Armitage said.

Realizing he needed and wanted more education, Armitage temporarily got out of the service to attend Auburn University and subsequently Georgia Tech. He would later work at Georgia Tech in the research division. While in college, Katherline owned a beauty salon and supported the family. Subsequently, Armitage was called back to active duty. Air Force Reserves.

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