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"We have a problem in this state in that we don't even know where the money is going," Bouchard said.

ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate this year, said he was appearing as a taxpayer.

One bill increases the fuel tax by 10 cents per gallon.

She also said that 52 percent of the fuel tax is paid by out of state users of Wyoming's highway system.

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Bader said she was "shocked" to hear the governor say last week that out of state drivers would pay half the cost of the higher fuel tax.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

Government spending, she said, has doubled in the past 10 years, yet the state has not provided long term funding for road maintenance.

Bill Schilling of Casper is the executive director of the Wyoming Business Alliance, which supports the increase.

Speaking for the gas tax coalition, Erin Taylor, executive director of the Wyoming Taxpayers Association, said the different groups have been working on a tax increase for the past decade.

The contractors association is another special interest group, he said, which will benefit from more highway contracts if the gas tax is increased.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

Gov. Matt Mead recommended the fuel tax hike on Friday. He said the increase would give WYDOT a predictable revenue stream so department officials could plan long term projects, which they cannot do now.

need of maintenance and repairs.

"You're hurting the same people who just voted you back into office," she said.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

The two bills will have to be voted on again in January when the House Revenue Committee for the 62nd Legislature convenes.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

"If we maintain the status quo, it's a losing game for the state," he said, adding that the number of highways rated in poor condition will increase substantially.

Wyoming legislative committee endorses fuel tax hike

They also received a tongue lashing from some opponents of the higher fuel tax.

A couple of opponents to the tax increase said the committee shouldn't succumb to the pressures of the special interest groups represented in the meeting room.

Robin Laws lives in a rural area near Cheyenne. She said a higher fuel tax would adversely affect her because she must drive to work and there is no public transit in Wyoming's rural areas.

Taylor said her group favors the tax hike because it is a user fee, which is the most fair of any tax.

"It's no secret to anyone in this room that the highway transportation corridors in this state are essentially a fundamental component of our state's economic condition," Schilling said.

CHEYENNE The state Legislature's Joint Revenue Committee on Monday voted in favor of two bills that would raise nearly $90 million more per year to maintain Wyoming highways.

The committee on Monday heard support for the bills from a succession of members of a new fuel tax coalition, including representatives of the Wyoming Taxpayer Association; the Wyoming Mining Association; county commissioners; municipalities; the Wyoming Business Alliance, contractors and the restaurant, lodging and tourism industries, along with WYDOT officials.

In the meantime, Bader said, people are looking at potentially large federal tax increases next year.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

"If people only knew what was going on here," said Anthony Bouchard of Cheyenne. Bouchard, a gun rights advocate who Nike Cortez Edmonton

"What even saddens me even more . we have these people saying they're conservatives and they're sitting there ready to tax," he added.

He claimed that the goal of a majority of the board members of the Wyoming Taxpayers Association is to protect the mineral severance from any increases, not to protect the interest of citizens.

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

WYDOT officials estimate the agency needs $134.5 million a year just to maintain the state's highway system.

The supporters pointed out that Wyoming's gas Nike Cortez Womens Nylon tax is the lowest in the region, hasn't been adjusted in 14 years and the roads and highways are in critical Nike Cortez Mens Ebay

Nike Cortez Womens Nylon

"Everything is going up," Laws said.

the $90 million, the Wyoming Department of Transportation would receive $65 million per year. The counties' share would be $16 million and municipalities would receive $6.7 million. The remaining $1.2 million would go to such projects as snowmobile trail maintenance.

Maureen Bader, of the conservative Wyoming Liberty Group, said the committee shouldn't believe the "myths" offered by the special interest groups.

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