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marcosscriven 439 days ago link

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

znowi 438 days ago link

Respect for individual rights has been under attack for a long, long time in the United States. It didn start with Bush, and it didn end with Obama.

FWIW you not alone in feeling like this. Fortunately I deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts years ago, but losing Google services is going to hurt. It also feels a little futile since my country, like yours, participates in Echelon so I not sure how much material difference it really makes. However I have absolutely no control over US policy, and the only thing I can do is hope to motivate Nike Cortez Qs Premium

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

screwed for me by the jurisdiction they operate under.

am a non citizen on foreign soil. I am the enemy. as much as possible. companies my money.

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

The USA has always had fascist policies since far before Bush, and when the EU and Obama are getting peace prizes it kind of detracts from the idea to be honest.

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

outworlder 438 days ago link

How did german people,and specifically people who lived in soviet east germany or those close to them, treated online privacy and google etc, before the NSA scandal ?

´╗┐Woz talks iOS 7 and PRISM in an off the cuff airport interview video

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Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

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> Am I overreacting? Am I paranoid?I think you saner than many of us. I in the process of switching my email from google apps to lavabit + imap client. Bush. He ruined it. We all mourned 9 We were at shock and couldn realize what happened. There were minutes of silence around the world. And George W. Bush ruined it. We thought he will bring peace and undo any wrongdoing of the former government. People admired the economic affluence of the US and the political stability and rule of law (if they came from corrupt countries). The German people seem to care most about personal freedom. But for some reason, education is Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe no longer a priority for these governments, I wonder why.

No dazzling insights, but Woz obviously genuine character always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Such a lovely guy.

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

Google to lobby for a sane internet by showing them that they are directly affected by the US administration actions. But at the end of the day they Nike Cortez Dynamic Blue

mathieuh 439 days ago link

That how a reasonable american feels about this. will. Some might even laugh! "Haha. Look at the silly americans. They acting like a banana republic again!". However, at least some of us feel deeply betrayed. companies to behave according to laws we expect from a free and open first world democracy. I Canadian. After the patriot act was passed, there was some concern about the privacy implications North of the border. companies, and the patriot act greatly reduced the requirements for gaining access to our personal information through this conduit. will do with all this information about me they have access to. They have no accountability to me and under their laws I have no rights. I Nike Cortez Nm Premium Qs (Yots Black)

Nike Lady Cortez Womens Shoe

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