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Most of the words on the list cannot be printed.

Those standards may sometimes be up for debate. For instance, on the list are IH8U and DRUG words that may not be offensive to some.

Wyoming maintains list of banned license plate words

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ITCH is banned, but only in Converse County, where plates start with the number 13. On a Wyoming plate, 13 looks like a "B."

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Wyoming vanity plates allow up to four capital letters or a combination of four letters and numbers. An imaginative Wyomingite who loves four letter words could be preoccupied all day.

"She would normally make the final decision," he said.

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"We'll Google it," Lopez said. "We'll ask each other."

Before the current list, employees used an older list. Lopez doesn't know where it came from, Nike Cortez Black Nylon

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One such example: Black And Pink Nike Cortez

In the last weeks of final term I approached Wyoming Governor Mike Sullivan. I said i wanted to call in a favor. I was tired of having nothing but a cowboy bucking horse and a four letter word on my license plate. Sign an executive order to make that seven letters and a whole lotta graphical choices, like almost every other state out there ( Idaho offers 75 different designer plates ). I handed Guv Suv a photo I had taken over in West Yellowstone of a very attractive Montana license plate with the state border on the outside and a bull elk or something for the face art. The vanity lettering on this Montana plate read " WYOMING ". It's long past the time to thank Stubb and Steamboat for their service and give'em a log overdue rest at the rodeo retirement home . That ride was in 1929. Fifty choices of western art. Is that asking too much ?Oh by the way , in these cash strapped times, folks in places like Wisconsin are willing to pay THEIR state DMV as much as $ 600 for a vanity license plate with a bull elk on it. So there's some real money to be made here, Guv Matt and all you dull normal citizen legislators. Where's the Wyoming license plate with the Sheepwagon ? A UP coal train ? A coalbed methane drilling rig ? An ATV or Snowmobile or Dodge RAM truck ? Maybe an I 80 Semi or a golf cart . Can I please have a license plate with a Grizzly and a Wolf on it ? A Jackalope even ? Sage grouse are certainly worthy . A Cutthroat trout or a Wyoming Toad ? a Bison or some other Bovine ? No wonder all the other DMV's are laughing behind our back. I have a four letter word for that.

Some of the words on the list are drug related but seem harmless: TOKE.

Since discomfort isn't a legal reason to block access to public records, Lopez eventually sent the list after receiving another request from the Star Tribune.

If a request is questionable, employees work up the food chain discussing the word with a supervisor and ultimately with Lopez, Kingham said.

The agency's employees have to wade through a lot of smut to decide what to ban. They maintain the list, consult the Internet and talk to each other to ferret out possible banned words, say WYDOT representatives.

"I am not comfortable providing our list of prohibited personalized license plate combinations," wrote Motor Vehicle Services manager Deborah Lopez, in answer to one request. "The list contains common 3 and 4 letter words or abbreviations that should not be spoken in mixed company."

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PIMP, RAPE and KKK would make any feminist or civil rights supporter cringe.

As clever as they may seem, they're not allowed by Wyoming Department of Transportation. A list maintained by the agency which decides what can appear on Wyoming license plates contains 93 banned words. If department employees get a questionable license request, they can check it against the list.

After all, not every Motor Vehicle Services employee can be a whiz at creative spellings of adult language or activity.

but Kingham said it might be from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

Some words have slipped past the state office but are caught at county treasurers' offices, where plates are sent before drivers mount them on their cars, Kingham said.

The process they used came to light after the Casper Star Tribune and others tried to obtain a list of all rejected plate requests in 2012, using the state's open records law. Getting the list wasn't as easy as getting some government records even ones involving weightier issues.

"It's been compiled based on requests made nationwide that have been rejected," Kingham said. " Some of those states allow five or six or even eight letters and numbers. We obviously eliminate all of those that don't work in our Red Nike Cortez system."

Words like, SUKK, CRAP, HELL and SEX?

People can appeal a department decision by requesting a hearing. But interestingly, in 2012, no one requested an appeal, Lopez said.

Thanks to text messaging, more curse words and sexual slang are added to the lexicon all the time. At Motor Vehicle Services, requests can perplex employees.

What language is vulgar, indecent or pruriently suggestive Nike Cortez Amazon

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"Our policy is to deny any combination that spells, connotes, abbreviates, or otherwise stands for language that is obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pruriently suggestive," Lopez wrote in a letter with the list.

is based on "community standards" as seen by the employees, said Dave Kingham, a spokesman for WYDOT, under which Motor Vehicle Services falls.

Employees built the list from words they previously rejected on vanity plates. They also added foul words from everyday life, Lopez said.

Motor Vehicle Services doesn't keep rejected requests in list form, said Lopez. Instead, she emailed the banned word list as an attachment called "Bad_Word_List_2 2013."

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