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"I haven't got an answer to that," Hines said later. "It looks to me there is some staff to help do the paperwork to plug the abandoned wells."

"The plan must be flexible given the scenarios that we have," he told the committee.

Lawmakers were skeptical. They noted the oil and gas commission has closed only 183 wells in the 11 years leading up to 2013.

"I wouldn't say it fixes all the problems and concerns, but it is a step forward," said Sen. John J. Hines, a Gillette Republican and the committee's co chairman, in an interview. "As I see it, part of the problem is that the oil and gas commission hasn't really done anything. It is such a Nike Cortez Metallic

Cameron Nazminia, a Mead policy adviser, warned lawmakers those numbers could rise. Plugging the 1,200 wells identified in the governor's plan would cost $7.7 million.

Wyoming lawmakers cautiously optimistic on plan to plug orphaned wells

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Black said the commission has 67 wells that should be ready to go by the drilling season. The ability of the state to plug more wells next year will depend on the planning done over the winter months, he said. The commission needs to identify wells with common characteristics that can be plugged at the same time and put the project out to bid before it can commence plugging, he said.

"I think we need to have that conversation now," Anderson said. "If we had that conversation 10 years ago, we wouldn't be where we're at."

The governor's plan calls on spending $3 million to close 305 orphaned wells in each of the next four years. The funding would come from taxes on oil and gas production.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

Perhaps the most impassioned moment of the day occurred during an exchange between Sen. Jim D. Anderson of Glenrock and Petroleum Association of Wyoming President Bruce Hinchey over oil and gas production in other parts of the state.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

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Womens Nike Cortez Blue

big problem all at once."

"What assurances can we have that the plan will be adequate going forward," asked Rep. Norine Kasperik, R Gillette, adding that she had concerns over whether the oil and gas commission had enough staff to meet its target goals.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

Anderson said Wyoming needs to take steps to ensure that the problems created by the collapse of the coal bed methane industry don't reoccur. Hinchey disagreed, saying there were few similarities between coal bed methane and the more common type of production in the state. But Anderson pushed back. Today's leaders have a responsibility to future generations to make sure they don't encounter the problems the state faces today.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

I fail to see any discussion in all of this rhetoric on plugging wells, for the landowner to take over a portion of these wells for private use. There will be a tremendous amount of funds required to accomplish this! The answer is always to "tax the oil companies, they can afford it", but they just pass the cost on to the consumer. There has to be a better answer!We provide this community forum for readers to exchange ideas and Nike Classic Cortez Leather Qs Nai Ke

It would cost $5.9 million to plug 912 wells in danger of being orphaned by Luca Technologies Inc., a Colorado company in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. Another $18 million might need to be spent on 2,303 wells where operators are currently out of compliance with oil and gas commission regulations, Nazminia said.

Legislators, speaking at a meeting of the Joint Committee on Minerals, Business and Economic Development in Casper, said the plan unveiled by Mead earlier this week was a positive step toward closing many of the deserted wells in the Powder River Basin. But they questioned the scope of the problem, its cost and how quickly the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission can move to fix it.

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"How are we able to accelerate this?" Greear asked. "When are we going to get the next batch of wells into the hopper, so to speak?"

Nazminia said the governor's office would work across state agencies to ensure that a plugging schedule is met. And he noted that the governor's plan calls on hiring a project manager to oversee the effort.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

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"Our ability to plug 300 wells this year might be a big challenge," Black said in a later interview.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

Wyoming lawmakers peppered state officials with questions Thursday over how Gov. Matt Mead's administration plans to close 1,200 oil and natural gas wells abandoned following the collapse of the coal bed methane industry several years ago.

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Womens Nike Cortez Blue

Hines questioned that. The state appropriated funds to hire additional staff to accommodate a surge in coalbed methane permit applications when production was Womens Nike Cortez Blue increasing, Hines said. What are those staff doing now that coalbed methane permits have dried up, he asked.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

Rep. Mike Greear, R Worland, worried whether the state is ready to embark on an accelerated plugging program. He asked state Oil and Gas Supervisor Grant Black if the commission was ready to begin work by summer deadline.

Womens Nike Cortez Blue

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