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Bohl's arrival presents a clash of forces: System vs. Personnel.

A year later, the issues haven't changed.

2. The interior defensive line.

To run Brent Vigen's run heavy pro style attack, the coaching staff must Nike Cortez Classic Og Leather Ebay

For the next three weeks, that's what we'll all be doing. If a Wyoming quarterback sneezes, we'll jot it down. If they throw a careless interception, we'll play Paul Revere, hop on our horse and alert the Twitter masses.

quickly identify tight ends and fullbacks that can help them on Aug. 30 against Montana.

Can the Wyoming defense stop the run?

The answer was a loud, decisive "no" last season, as Patrick Mertens and Justin Bernthaler started as seniors but an unsettling lack of depth caused the Cowboys' interior to wear down late in games.

quarterback, and no one is out of the running.

This is a perplexing challenge, considering that Wyoming didn't feature a fullback last season and the tight ends produced a total of three catches for 23 yards.

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Returners Sam Stratton, Tom Thornton and Aaron Young could overtake Kirkegaard simply by executing the offense, minimizing turnovers and hitting the occasional big play.

The only thing we know for sure is that someone has to start at Nike Cortez Bronze Release Date

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and as dew lingers on early Laramie mornings, 100 padded football players all except the precious quarterbacks are colliding at high speeds.

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Again, a group of freshmen could potentially shine. Conner Cain, John Jackson and Sidney Malauulu are all being groomed to decimate offensive lines and plug running lanes.

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Womens Nike Cortez Sale

What about the freshmen? Both Austin Fort and Nick Smith look the part, and Wyoming has quite the recent history of starting true freshmen at quarterback.

(Insert cricket noises. A tumbleweed blows quietly by in the distance.)

If it doesn't, expect the same monotonous question yet again next fall.

Wyoming's interior looks stout, as Mertens returns for a final season Womens Nike Cortez Sale at defensive tackle and Uso Olive and Chase Appleby should complement each other nicely at nose tackle. But besides those three?

While we don't Nike Cortez Men's White And Green

Entering the fall, redshirt senior Colby Kirkegaard the only quarterback on the roster to start (and lose) a game at Wyoming seems like the favorite to replace Brett Smith under center against Montana on Aug. 30.

3. The pro style positions.

yet know what Wyoming's defensive rotations will look like, it'll surely have to consist of more than three productive interior linemen.

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Womens Nike Cortez Sale

But this race is far from over.

It's that time of year again.

Wyoming fall camp storylines include

In a six man quarterback competition, every little thing counts.

Head coach Craig Bohl and defensive tackles coach Pete Kaligis need to establish depth in the ranks, and fast. Perhaps they'll turn to Troy Boyland, a 297 pound redshirt junior who came to Laramie from junior college last year and proceeded to watch the entire season from the bench.

And until a starter is named, all we can do is sit back and overanalyze.

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

Womens Nike Cortez Sale

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